Hunter Stockton Thompson is a great writer and lonely man

Discussion in 'General' started by Yorda, Jun 8, 2020.

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    Hunter Stockton Thompson, that "Fear and Disgust in Las Vegas" is a true story about his journey to Sin City. Hunter was an extraordinary personality. He depended on intoxicating powders, served in the Air Force, where he was having an affair with his daughter. He was friends with a crazy killer from Holland, spent a year with the gang "Hell's Angels" and became a confidant of the presidential candidate. And one day he threw a moose's heart to actor Jack Nicholson.

    Before his death, he wrote a note saying, "No more games. No more bombs. No more walking. No more pleasures. No more swimming. 67. this is 17 more than 50. 17 more than I wanted and needed. Boring. I'm cranky all the time. No pleasure - no one. 67. You become greedy. Behave according to age.
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    Drugs are an evil that for a long time can not overcome. or someone who lobbies too much for the drug market.
    For my family it was a great grief when our loved one became fascinated with cannabis. At first it was like anesthesia. Then the doses increased. We have now found a free drug treatment program in Georgia and my brother is undergoing treatment. It's scary to watch your loved one suffer.
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    Drug addiction is developing rapidly. The process of treatment is more complicated.
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    I don't agree. Now as I know marijuana is legal in many states and many people use it.
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    Yes, you are right. For example I'm from Chicago and I know that Illinois is the 11th state which legalized marijuana. It is from January 1, 2020. I often read news about Chicago police and didn't saw something about this. By the way what type of marijuana do you prefer? For relax or medical purpose?
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