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    It is our hope to build a comprehensive listing of popular gear related to twins with accompanying reviews- a one-stop center for researching your next gear purchase.

    When posting in this forum, please keep in mind the following:

    Please do not post recommendation requests in the sub forums, but rather keep them in this main Gear for Twins forum. The sub forums (strollers, carriers, etc) should be used for reviews only.

    Before posting a review, please look for a thread that has already been started on the item. If you do not see one, go ahead and start one!

    You may link out to the manufacturer's websites only in your reviews. Please don't link to photosharing sites, Facebook, amazon, etc.

    You may embed images in your review if it helps illustrate a point in your review. In fact, we encourage it!

    TS mods may move posts around in here to keep the format consistent with the forum's purpose.

    If you don't see a category that you'd like to post within, please post your review in the main Gear for Twins forum and we'll consider adding a sub forum for that group if we see a need for it.

    Share this forum far and wide! It's most helpful to us if we can get a variety of reviews.
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    We've had a major influx of registrations today, so I wanted to draw some attention to the Gear for Twins forum. We'd love our members, both new and seasoned, to share experiences with equipment and accessories related to twins!
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