how to develop your business during a lockdown?

Discussion in 'General' started by salavap, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. salavap

    salavap Member

    how to develop your business during a lockdown?
  2. lianot

    lianot Active Member

    In a pandemic and lockdown, the most important thing is safe communication with clients. Therefore, I decided to open an online office and use the most effective tools, such as useful applications for scanning documents on a smartphone. After all, a tool like this makes scanning a simple and quick process, accessible wherever you are. For example, I use iScanner, which is a practical scan tool for mobile devices that can turn your smartphone into a great tool for efficient work with documents.
  3. alirarl

    alirarl Member

    COVID-19 has hit our global economies hard, and as a result, we’ll likely experience some form of recession in the coming year
  4. alirarl

    alirarl Member

    Personally, I decided not to waste time and order the development of a mobile application in the ror development company JetRuby . Because at this time the mobile application is working to promote the company and make a profit. But provided that the application is focused on your business.
  5. malep

    malep Active Member

    During a pandemic, we can observe how the business has changed. Some companies have shown their inability to work under quarantine conditions and have closed their offices. Thus, we saw that we can live without any types of services or goods. On the other hand, there are companies that are actively developing and making a profit.
    especially, it was unusual for me that the banks announced a decrease in profits, while all payments are made using bank cards
  6. Jeraldina

    Jeraldina Active Member

    It all depends on your type of business. My business is selling household goods. I had several shops in the city. Now it is online sales. For the convenience of clients and for the possibility of implementing my business, I used the platform for online banking and payments DataArt
    This gave me the opportunity to expand sales in other cities and develop sales
  7. hipiva

    hipiva Member

    I don't even know how to develop a business now. I am a fitness trainer. And the sports halls will be closed.
  8. Yorda

    Yorda Active Member

    You can develop your business even during the lockdown period. Shit, reconsider your business strategy. Many companies are already adapted to do their business online. Even if you are a fitness trainer, you can keep your blog or channel with training videos, advice on proper nutrition. This can be personal training and a closed training channel.
    You can also make money on your website or blog by posting links and information about other companies. To do this, use the service
    This will bring you a fairly good profit. My cooking blog makes me about $ 800 profit every month
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