How many weeks ahead are you measuring?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Chrissy2010, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Chrissy2010

    Chrissy2010 Well-Known Member

    Im 21 weeks, measuring 31! And Im the one who was asking about wearing a bikini while pregnant! hahahhahahaha But no stretch marks yet so thats good!
  2. kcprochazka

    kcprochazka Well-Known Member

    I'm 32 weeks measuring 41. With my girls I only measured 6 weeks ahead, but the boys are bigger than the girls were.
  3. citizenpelikan

    citizenpelikan Well-Known Member

    I have always measured only 2-3 weeks ahead. Last OB appointment at 32 weeks I measured 35 weeks. No stretch marks here either. Here's hoping they stay away. I used the Clarins oil for my singleton pregnancies and never got stretch marks.
  4. chatongris

    chatongris Well-Known Member

    at my 18wk appt the ob said i was measuring 21wks.......odd to me since DH said i looked 7mo pregnant and 5 people that morning stopped me in the mall asking if I was in my last tri.....however the fundus doesn't lie lol
  5. kerina313

    kerina313 Well-Known Member

    My last appt at 31 weeks I was meauring 44...
  6. NaturallyBaby

    NaturallyBaby Well-Known Member

    I measured 9-11 weeks ahead.
  7. tracilynn

    tracilynn Well-Known Member

    Im almost 30 weeks and today at my appt I measured 38 weeks! YOWZA. I have never gotten stretch marks in any of my singleton pregnancies but figure I will this time but I dont have any yet! I know they are genetic and all but I still slather Crabtree & evelyn cocoa body butter on several times/day and did with my last pregnancy too.
  8. MyMayBabies

    MyMayBabies Well-Known Member

    At 32 weeks I am measuring 40 weeks.
  9. garden2009

    garden2009 Well-Known Member

    Starting around 24 weeks, I was also measure 10 weeks ahead! :) However, the belly growth (not babies) slowed in the end. i was so afraid I'd be measuring 50+ weeks by delivery time but I think I only ended up measuring a few weeks ahead at that point. Good luck!
  10. ladypotter

    ladypotter Well-Known Member

    I have consistently measured 4wks ahead (24wks I measured 28 and 26 I measured 30). I am a skinny person pre pregnancy, and keep getting told how small I am for twins. I don't FEEL small!! haha... :rotflmbo:
  11. hsddc

    hsddc Well-Known Member

    At my appt this morning I was measuring 45cm (so 8 weeks ahead). But my Dr. made a big point of telling me that he doesn't measure horizontally so I could be growing that way too. Gee, thanks! :)
  12. sigkap13

    sigkap13 Active Member

    We just had our appointment yesterday and my doctor gleefully informed us that she's keeping track of our fundal height because it's the biggest she's ever had - gee thanks :) I'm 36 weeks, 2 days and I'm measuring a 58. And yes! It feels that way too!

    We have a c-section scheduled for 38 weeks. 12 days to go!
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