How long does Sharpie marker last on skin?

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by debid, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. debid

    debid Well-Known Member

    Anyone know? (and if you care to share the story, please do because it will make me feel better...)

    Yes, I got the marker down to write on freezer bags and DH put it away in the regular pen drawer. I didn't even think about it until I walked in on two naked boys coloring each other's bums. Most of it will hide under clothes so fingers crossed for no unscheduled doctor's appointments... They also colored the tablecloth which was a cheapie vinyl one so no biggie there and the one small mark on the floor came off with a scrubber pad (whew!) I'm very thankful it isn't worse.
  2. Minette

    Minette Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing about a week, but you'll have to let us know! :icon_biggrin: I get Sharpie marks on my hands all the time (because I'm clumsy), and they seem to last a few days. It sounds like you got off easy. We actually leave our Sharpies within reach (sort of -- they'd have to reach up high, but they could do it if they tried) and have been lucky so far -- saying that, now they'll probably discover them tonight and write all over the couch.
  3. schlengermom

    schlengermom Well-Known Member

    Just a quick FYI, sharpie marker is easily removed by fingernail polish remover. we actually write our grocery list right on the fridge door with a sharpie, then wipe it off with polish remover. So much easier then trying to find pen,paper and magnet. And yes our girlies have gotten the markers and colored everything, it still works.
  4. Flutterbymama

    Flutterbymama Well-Known Member

    I agree a few days - I think 5 at most. I believe I've removed it from myself with rubbing alcohol and maybe baby wipes. It's been a while.

    I had to thank you for the laugh I got when I came across the title of your post. I know you're not laughing but it made my lunch hour.

  5. ljcrochet

    ljcrochet Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I trick i learned to get sharpie ink off of stuff is to use Purell.
  6. Chillers

    Chillers Well-Known Member

    Yup, rubbing alcohol should work to help get it off :)

    And I have to admit I got a small chuckle out of the thread title, b/c I had a feeling I knew where it was going!
  7. 1+2=3boys

    1+2=3boys Active Member


    OMG. That is hysterical! My boys love to run around naked and they love to say and point to each others' 'Bunzzz' now, so I could totally see them doing the same thing. HAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh!!!
  8. NINI H

    NINI H Well-Known Member

    I chuckled. Something David would have done when he was little. Actually, he drew on our hardwood cabinets with a sharpie. Just a FYI....

    You can remove permanent marker by writing over it with a dry erase marker and then wiping it off. I was completely unglued about our brand new house/cabinets, until DH showed me this trick. Cabinets never looked better.
  9. SweetpeaG

    SweetpeaG Well-Known Member

    Darn those DHs! :angry: Mine left one in a vulnerable location recently and I got a quick education on how to get it off many surfaces. :rolleyes:

    Mr. Clean Eraser got Sharpie off of my kitchen table, chairs, window sill, slate, and kitchen cabinets. (ETA: use carefully on painted walls, it may pull the sheen off leaving a dull spot.)

    Use a brillo pad for their skin ;) (it will give them a whole new appreciation for the phrase No skin off my ....)

    To answer your question, it was about 2-3 days before it was off their skin.
  10. Laura in Alaska

    Laura in Alaska Well-Known Member

    Sharpie shouldn't last too long. I use them every day while I work. I made the mistake once of drawing a smiley face on the backs of their hands and now every time they see a sharpie they want a smiley. :D I haven't found any reason not to draw it for them. On the backs of their hands, it only lasts about 1/2 the day.

    :) I'm sure, with my girls' comfort level with the Sharpies (totally my fault, I know), that I will have occasions to be cleaning it off other areas of their bodies too. Best of luck and get lots of pictures. :D
  11. MamaKimberlee

    MamaKimberlee Well-Known Member

    One of my twins has red marker all over her legs right now. The big girls thought it would be fun to give them paper and pens for their "first coloring." Nice.

    I think 4-5 days.
  12. JDMummy

    JDMummy Well-Known Member

    Nail polish remover is the key! Boy they are quick huh? Gotta love boys! :lol:
  13. debid

    debid Well-Known Member

    It's gotten much lighter after some time in the wading pool and a nice bubble bath before bed. Seeing DH's face when he took Trevor's shirt off was priceless, though. He just laughed and asked how exactly he got pen marks all of the way back there and Trevor (who has recently discovered blaming someone else for everything) immediately answered, "Trent did it!" For once, I think he was telling the truth. He tried to tell me earlier that Grandpa did it and I reminded him that Grandpa wasn't here so he said Grandma did it (Grandma wasn't here either). Ah, 3 will be a blast, I can tell already.
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