How far along were you when you found out the sex and is it harder to find out the sex with twins?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Vanessa1159, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Vanessa1159

    Vanessa1159 New Member

    HI my names Vanessa and Im new here! I found out I'm having fraternal twins at 8wks. Now I'm about 13-14wks along. I was just wondering how far along you found out what the sex was of the twins and if its harder to tell what the sex is when theres 2 in there?
  2. Chrijodo

    Chrijodo Well-Known Member

    Hi Vanessa,

    We found out our girls were girls at 16 weeks and it wasn't any harder to tell for them than it was to tell for our previous children. I also just wanted to mention that there is no way to tell whether your babies are fraternal or identical at 8 weeks. They may be dizygotic (in 2 seperate sacs with 2 seperate placentas) but that doesn't mean they are fraternal. The only way to tell that for sure is if one is a boy and one is a girl :)
  3. jrg9171

    jrg9171 Well-Known Member

    My OB won't do an ultrasound until 20 weeks to determine the sex but I called a place nearby that does the 3D/4D ultrasounds and went and paid to find out at 16 weeks. It wasn't expensive at all.
  4. Silly_Putty

    Silly_Putty Well-Known Member

    My first u/s (aside from the 8 week one) was at 17 weeks and we were able to find out at that time. Very clearly. LOL
  5. AmynTony

    AmynTony Well-Known Member

    we tried at 16 weeks but the twins were not cooperative - we found out at 21 weeks and it was no more difficult than any other u/s
  6. murtygirl

    murtygirl Well-Known Member

    We found out at a little over 17 weeks (earlier than our singleton). I don't think it's any more difficult to see the genders. You are getting close!! I couldn't wait to find out!
  7. Robynsegg

    Robynsegg Well-Known Member

    We found out at our 18 week ultrasound and it was clear as day. I had an ultrasound every 2 weeks after that and up until maybe 30 weeks, they continued to confirm their genders....not sure if they weren't able to by the end or if it was just that they didn't care what the gender was anymore? It was pretty tight in there at 38 weeks (was my last scan).
  8. ladypotter

    ladypotter Well-Known Member

    With my daughter, we found out at 16wks for sure. With the twins, we tried earlier around 12wk (just for fun) and she said probably boy/girl....then at 18wks (my next u/s), it was for sure two girls. So, I wouldn't try any earlier than 16wks if I were you. The glands are swollen before 14-15wks and can be misread easily. I don't think it's any harder with twins, just that there are TWO that may not cooperate and be in a good position. Good luck!!
  9. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member

    At 14 weeks the tech (at the peri's office -high resolution u/s machine) told us that she thought baby B was a girl. At 16 weeks she knew baby B was a girl and was 85% sure baby A was too. at 18 weeks she was convinced that both were girls. I however after having 3 boys, just knew there was at least one boy in there - I wasn't a believer that I had 2 girls until the day they were born! I had a c-section and when the nurse brought each one over for me to kiss their heads - I told her that they could tell me that they were girls but I wanted to see the other end! sure enough I have two sweet little girls!
  10. monica77

    monica77 Well-Known Member

    Hi and congratulations on your twins!

    We found out that our twins are a boy and a girl at the 18 week ultrasound, then we had another ultrasound at 23 weeks that confirmed the genders. They'd better be a boy and a girl - we already bought pink and blue stuff for them :).

    Enjoy your pregnancy, I hope your morning sickness won't be too bad.

  11. scottyswifey

    scottyswifey Well-Known Member

    Welcome to this forum! I have had some wonderful advice given to me! It really is a great way to find out things, especially if you are a first timer like me!
    This is my first pregnancy, so I don't know how easy it is to tell with a singleton, but we found out with no problem at our last appointment (21wks). The only reason we didn't find out at our 16 week was that the ultrasound that was done was done at just a regular Dr.'s appointment so she used the portable machine to find out why I was bigger than I was supposed to be (surprise! it was twins!).. At this last appointment the ultrasound tech could tell with no problem that they were girls!
  12. annacard

    annacard Member

    We found out last week at 16 weeks 2 days, that we are having two boys. Congrats!
  13. calind115

    calind115 Well-Known Member

    We found out the day we found out we were having twins. I think it depends on the kids too. Link was all for showing his parts but Leia kept her legs crossed for most of the US.
  14. mommaoffour_ohmy

    mommaoffour_ohmy Well-Known Member

    At the peri appointment in 3d we saw BOY parts for baby B but he just said 'draw your own conclusions, its early" I KNEW it was a boy... baby A was the squished one... found out at 16 weeks on the dot A was a girl and B was in FACT a boy!! :woohoo:
  15. WaterGuzzler

    WaterGuzzler Well-Known Member

    We had a scan on Christmas Eve at 15w5d (I think it was 5 days) due to them wanting to confirm or deny momo twins (which was denied, thank goodness). They could tell for sure that A was a girl but B wasn't cooperating; however, there was only one placenta so they knew both were girls. I had weekly scans after that (TTTS was discovered on that day, too) and it was always confirmed two girls.
  16. Minette

    Minette Well-Known Member

    We knew for sure at 19 weeks, but I couldn't see a thing on the u/s -- I just had to trust what the peri told me. He, however, was positive, even though they were girls and it's a little harder to be sure with girls.
  17. Ange2k25

    Ange2k25 Well-Known Member

    We had the first u/s at almost 20 weeks but just found two (which was a surprise) shy babies with legs crossed. My doc preffered to get gender at 18-20 weeks and would scheduled the big u/s during that window. We got to find out at the 24 week u/s when they cooperated better.

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