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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by scrappinjenofthreeplustwins, May 2, 2007.

    I finally feel like I'm being heard. Well, at least my blood is. My ob called that my bloodwork from this weekend came back with low potassium. They are in the process of setting up an at home iv with potassium and zofran. Anxious to see how that goes. Add that to my modified bedrest, dh being gone, and my 3 kiddos and this is going to be big fun!
  1. Orestia

    Orestia Well-Known Member

    zofran is a dear friend of mine. If you haven't already, check out the forums at:


    p.s. - is your zofran sub-q or through an IV?
  2. becky5

    becky5 Guest

    FINALLY! Some relief! I am so happy that they are finally listening to your blood at least! :rolleyes:
  3. Orestia,
    I've actually been taking zofran with this pregnancy and my last. I really haven't gotten any relief from it this time around. I'm hoping that getting it through the iv will be an improvement! We'll see. I've had HG for three pregnancies now and this pregnancy has been the worst.
  4. Orestia

    Orestia Well-Known Member

    Nod nod. Hopefully the constant dose will do it. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Sometimes Zofran works on its own, sometimes it needs a booster. I used a sub-q Zofran pump AND phenergan. That allowed me to function for at least a few hours during the day. Have you asked your Dr. about any of the other drugs? There are also some women who have reported FABULOUS results from steroids. Since you have other littles ones around the house, I'm not sure I'd exactly recommend Phenergan (it can seriously wipe you out), but there are several other drugs, that when combined with Zofran, are pretty effective.

    Here's a direct link to the HG - medication experiences forum:


    It seems like a lot of women with HG end up having to basically prescribe their own medication, because their doctors are untrained and/or unwilling to give medication (which has been shown to be safe) to pregnant women.

    Also, if you'd like, I can come beat the crap out of your doctor with a box of stale crackers :)

    My hat is definitely off to you. I don't know how you are able to go through this with other little ones around. You are amazing!
  5. becky5

    becky5 Guest

    Also, if you'd like, I can come beat the crap out of your doctor with a box of stale crackers

    OMG.. :rotflmbo: !!!! I wish I would have thought of doing that!!
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