High high high progesterone levels PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Always, May 29, 2017.

  1. Always

    Always New Member

    Please help me. I'm tearing my hair out with google as I'm not getting any answers as I'm worried about my progesterone levels.
    At 15DPO (5day) my levels were :
    PROG 660.4
    HCG 235.4
    E2 10467
    I have no idea what the levels indicate and I truly need some help.
    I don't have a scan for another 10 days and I have had 3 ectopic pregnancies in the past (1 was twins)
    This pregnancy was through IVF with one embryo transferred. Can someone please shed some light on my levels for me
  2. Caroll

    Caroll Active Member

    During pregnancy, your hormone levels change and this is normal. If your doctor doesn't see any problems with this, then this is a natural reaction of the body. If you recently started taking some pills, then this may be the reason for the high level of testosterone. You can read about the side effects of any medications on the site Canadian Pharmacy . I know that you worry about the health of your little ones, but I know that great anxiety also hurts them. Try not to be nervous and contact your doctor as soon as possible. I hope you are doing well!
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