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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Butterflytears, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Butterflytears

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    Hi there new here and newly pregnant. I am 6 weeks pregnant with twins. In the beginning my partner and I were unsure about continuing with the pregnancy due to some tragic family events. When we decided to go through with it, we then found out I was carrying twins! Needless to say we are on a bit of a rollercoaster.

    I'm here because this is being treated as a high risk pregnancy not just due to the fact that we are having twins, but because of my weight and my past health issues. We are both scared to death.

    When i first told him I was pregnant was the day after his father's funeral. He seemed happy at first. The next few days it all seemed to sink in for him. We fought because he said he didn't want more kids (he has a 7 year old) and it was a bad time (his father's sudden death and having to take over care for his brother who is in a care centre with tbi). I agreed with him but said there will never be a good time. Finally a week later we decided to go forth. Then I was informed I was carrying two. My first reaction was to almost pass out and say omg omg omg. I told him later and he seemed genuinely happy and shocked. But four days later, all my specialists are coming together and telling me I need to be seen at a special clinic. He is now scared and saying he doesn't want kids again. He says he is afraid I will die. I understand because I am afraid too, but the thought of going through it with him makes it less scary.

    I'm scared now that he will run. That I will do this alone. Is this flipping back and forth normal? I feel it might be. But I'm so worried. I don't feel I can handle 2 newborns alone.

    Any advice would be very helpful, thank you for reading.
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    I TOTALLY get you. I had twins about a year ago (b/g , Cecilia and Tomas) and my doctor told me it was dangerous due to my medical record and me being underweight. I will tell you, it is very rewarding. I think you sound like a very caring and intelligent person. I’m sure that you will be able to take care of the twins. As for your husband, mine was the same way. You feeling this way is normal. Talk to your husband calmly and say that having these babies would mean everything to you. He will have to understand how you feel, and if he doesn’t want to support you then he isn’t the one for you
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