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  1. GazN79

    GazN79 New Member


    I'm from the UK and am new to this community. I've joined because I'm hoping to be able to meet adult twins in my area.

    I'm a 38 year-old male. I found out, a while back, that I was conceived as a twin, but that my twin sister died in-utero. This has been an emotional time for me, but this discovery has made sense of some things in my life.

    I'd love to meet other twins, both those who still have their twins as well as lone twins. I haven't grown up with any twins, and I don't know anyone who's a twin.

    I've looked for groups/meet-ups for adult twins on the internet, but I can only find groups for parents of twins. I was wondering if there are any groups of adult twins who meet up in the London (UK)) area?

    I'm looking forward to any replies.

    x GazN79
  2. Victoria Broyles

    Victoria Broyles New Member

    i am sorry. i cant help you. im currently new to this twin thing.
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  3. GazN79

    GazN79 New Member

    Hi Victoria,

    Many thanks for reading my post and for your kind reply. :)

  4. lharrison1

    lharrison1 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I'd try to do a Google search for twin peer groups in your area, if there isn't one, perhaps try to start one! :)
    I'm sure it is hard to know that you had a twin that you never got to meet. *hugs*
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  5. Thea Queen

    Thea Queen New Member

    Hi everyone. Nice to meet you here! :)
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  6. GazN79

    GazN79 New Member

    Hi Lesley,

    Thank you for your very kind reply. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to you. I've done a search for twin peer groups (and used other similar search terms) but haven't found anything on Google so far. I've just done a search on facebook, and have found an adult multiples group. Perhaps some of the members are based in the UK. I'm going to look into this.

    It is hard knowing that I had a twin, but that we didn't get to meet and grow up together. I spend a lot of time thinking about her.

    I'll consider starting a group. If I decided to do that, can I use Twinstuff as a platform? or would I need to use "meetup", facebook, or something similar? (I'm asking because I can see that you're a Twinstuff moderator).

    x GazN79:)
  7. Twimmon77

    Twimmon77 Member

    I am sorry
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