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    Saturday night is my 6 year wedding anniversary. :wub: DH and I are going to have the entire night alone. :woohoo: My baby is still eating at least once a night and sometimes twice a night. I have not figured out the rhyme or reason as to why he goes 8 hours some nights and not others. Anyway I need to either send milk or formula for the night, and since he is used to milk that's what I prefer to send. So starting this morning after his morning feed I pumped. If I pump every morning until Saturday do I need to keep each day's milk separate or can I pour them all into 1 large container? I was thinking 1 container would be easier and that way on Saturday my mom can pour from the large container into a bottle the same as you do with the pre-mixed formula. The idea of mixing together several days worth of regular milk or formula is gross, so I didn't know if this applies to breast milk as well. I have the BM storage bags, so I can do it either way.

    I tried to search for this on kellymom but I wasn't finding anything, probably b/c I didn't know what words to search.

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    When I was pumping after every nursing session when the twins were newborns, I would collect for 24 hours and hope to get 3-6 oz in a bag. You can keep breastmilk in the fridge for up to 5 days. I would say that I would feel comfortable adding to the milk for five days as long as the milk is going to be used on the fifth day. I would suggest making sure the milk was cooled off BEFORE adding it to the stuff that is already in the fridge.

    Happy Anniversary!
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    You can mix breastmilk as long as it is the same temperature. You don't want to mix just pumped milk with milk sitting in refrigerator. If you are mixing milk that has been refrigerated make sure you shake it as the fat seperates from the rest of the milk. Another idea is to use breastmilk trays to freeze your milk in one ounce cubes rather than bags. Basically it is like an ice cube tray. The cubes just pop out and when it comes to make a bottle you can grab however many cubes as you want ounces thus reducing the possibility of wasting milk. You could use ice cube trays I just opt not to as most of them aren't BPA free.
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    Agreed with everyone's advice above. The only thing I wanted to add is that you might not want to put it all together - because then on Saturday you will have 4 day old milk mixed with 1 day old milk. I guess it depends on how much you pump per session if this matters or not. I'd add/mix together in chronological order, and then stop mixing together once you get approximately what you think he might take - like if you mix together and get 4 oz - save that and label it the oldest, then start another stash. So that way who ever is watching him can give the oldest stuff first and you don't waste any of that pumped milk!

    Have fun!
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    Aimee! Your girls have gotten sooo big and CUTE! Do they have different hairstyles? I can't tell from the pic! Soo cute!
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    What everyone else said, except for breastmilk should never be shaken! Gently swirl the bottle.
  7. AimeeThomp

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    Thanks! Yeah, Amelia's hair is longer. Lily fights haircuts more so she always winds up with shorter bangs and shorter in the back b/c we have to do it as fast as possible. It makes it a lot easier to tell them apart.
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