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Discussion in 'Childhood and Beyond (4+)' started by ljcrochet, May 16, 2013.

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    My girls and me are going on an overnight camping trip with girls scouts tomorrow night. I'm starting to get a little worried.
    From what I understand this is a pretty big group of girls scouts from all over our county who can go. I think they said 200 people. Since it is our first camping trip all the moms have to go (but I probably would have wound up going to even if they didn't want all the moms, since I had told the troop leader I would go if that made the difference in the girls having a camping trip or not). I think from our troop we have 7 girls and 5 moms ( one mom was going to be away and another mom said she would "be responsible" for her).

    Any one have any pointers i should know about? I'm going to walmart right now to hopefully get somethign to put under our sleeping bags (i think we are sleeping in lean to so not full outside
  2. oma

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    If snoring bothers you -- ear plugs. I still remember a camping trip where one of the other mothers kept me up all night!

    But, other than that, I have fond memories of every camping trip.
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  4. MNTwinSquared

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    How did your trip go? Anything you'd do different?
  5. ljcrochet

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    Trip was fun. I'm so exhausted now.
    I told the main troop leader a list of stuff we should remember for next time, like the supply list did not say to bring a pillow. Or having a bag with our overnight stuff and another bag with what we wanted for the day. We packed up our tent-a-loo in the morning, put most of the stuff in the car, so i had to move stuff around.
    Extra chocolate bars for smores. They only gave one square of chocolate per smore which meant the chocolate ratio was way off( i had Hershey bars at home but figures since the girl scout council was taking care of everything, i did not need to bring)

    We also should have brought more snacks (and food for me since I did not like the food and it was not worth breaking my diet).

    I think one of my favorite lines of the trip was from the 16 year old older sister of one of the girls who came, she posted on her facebook that she was at the camping trip with her little sis, and her mom forgot her jacket but remembered rollers for her hair.

    Here is a picture of me and my girls:
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    Hi girl. I think that sleeping bags would be not enough for a trip like that and you need to buy more equipment. At this time of year, the nights are very cold so you could get flu from it. And one of the main decisions in this situation would be buying a tent. Here is the best 4 man tent for you. It will help you to not only survive the cold night but spend it in a warm place. Anyway, have a great trip.
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