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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by christinam, Dec 28, 2012.

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    The boys are on Similac NeoSure and just miserable. When theyre on it they're gassy, can't lay flat, have nasty poop, spit up more, and aren't that happy. Well, I didn't realize it and was down to my last can on Sunday. I have two cans of Similac Advance in the cabinet I had bought while pregnant to have on hand. I tried that and these are different babies. Happy, content and sleep better, can lay flat, less spit up, hardly any gas if any. Just a complete change. I'm thinking about leaving them on this formula. They're premies and eight weeks (two weeks age adjusted) so I feel weird making the change. I talked to the pedi about this last time we were there and brushed it off to reflux. Um, no they didn't do this in NICU on the other formula. It's the NeoSure. Now I know it's the NeoSure since I've tried the Advance. We go in a couple weeks. I'm thinking I'll keep them on this until then.

    Am I being really bad doing this? Is it horrible I'm switching premies at 8weeks? They're gaining very well and making great progress.
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    I say no - you are their mother and are with them to see how they react. I would just continue to monitor it to make sure it goes well.
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