Flying alone with 10 month olds

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by EricaM, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. EricaM

    EricaM Well-Known Member

    So I'm thinking this is an 11 on the 1-10 scale of "am I nuts or what?"

    My husband and I had tickets to take our girls home for a visit with friends and grandparents, only now something came up at his job, and he's not going to be able to make it. We had originally only purchased tickets for us, planning on holding the girls on our laps (it's only a 1.5 hour flight, so that shouldn't be too bad) - so now we have an 'extra' ticket (my husband's) that I was just going to use for one of the girls (since infants don't need ID to get through security, they'll never know she isn't a boy!) so I have one baby in a carseat, and one on my lap.

    But how do I get through security? And onto the plane with: 2 babies, at least one carseat (two, if the flight isn't full), a stroller (I'm thinking of going back to the snap and go, even though it's kind of awkward to maneuver with the girls at 17lbs a piece - we wont be doing much walking around at home), diaper bag... My husband can bring me to the airport, and get us to the check in counter (where I'll check our bags), but i'm on my own after that.

    Is this even possible? Anyone else ever done it?
  2. kdanielleflowers

    kdanielleflowers Well-Known Member

    At the very least, strangers will probably have some compassion and show extra kindness. I know I would.

    I'm sure you can do it! :youcandoit:
  3. DATJMom

    DATJMom Well-Known Member

    I would call the airline that you are flying and see what your options are. I dont think that you can push a stroller and carry 2 carseats and get through security on your own. Maybe there is a pass that your DH can get to help you get to the gate and then the airline attendant can help you on the plane :unsure: I think I have heard of that scenario. I have flown with all 3 of my kids on my own, but I didnt take the carseats on the plane.
  4. ilovemonkeys

    ilovemonkeys Well-Known Member

    Wow, you are brave! I think it could be doable but it won't be easy. I would think you could have one of those little golf carts take you to your gate. I think I would still take a stroller and gate check it. I'm not sure how you could carry the carseat and the other baby onto the plane - maybe have the one baby in a carrier or sling. Hopefully one of the flight attendants will help you get to your seat and carry the carseat. If you have to go through security on your own you will have to hold both babies. If one is in a carrier/sling and then just hold the other one. Make sure you remember to put your deoderant on - I think it will be quite a workout!
  5. EricaM

    EricaM Well-Known Member

    The problem is we're going to be using DH's ticket for one of the babies (and technically passing the baby off as "daddy") We could all go through security, but basically we would have to check in as if DH is flying and carrying the second baby - so he would get a lap baby pass attached to his ticket (with southwest, it's like a second boarding pass stapled to the first), and I'm worried that it would get flagged at the gate as I boarded (ie, hand over my ticket (with the extra boarding pass for the lap baby), and the second ticket (which I would then be using for one of my girls, but is technically in my husband's name, and an hour previous had been checked in with a second lap baby attached to it.)

    Well that's why I'm planning to bring the snap and go - then, except for the few mintues at security, I have someting that will hold the babies AND the carseats (but not the bases, ugh)
  6. kdanielleflowers

    kdanielleflowers Well-Known Member

    If you're visiting family, could you ship the bases to the seats ahead of time? Do you have other car seats? That way, they could ride to the airport in your other seats, then put them in the carriers with the Snap and Go, then your family picks you up from the airport with the bases in hand? Just a thought.
  7. ohjojo

    ohjojo Well-Known Member

    i don't think i would try to use your DH's ticket for one of the babies without changing the name on the ticket. that is going to get you flagged anyway. i haven't flown southwest in ages but i'm assuming that they somehow know that the ticket is for an adult. with all the stress of just getting 2 babies on the plane on your own, i wouldn't want the added worry that there was going to be an issue with the ticket. they might also have a rule about flying with 2 infants, i know some airlines won't allow it..

    other than that, i'm sure it is doable, but i would def try to get a ride on one of the courtesy carts to your gate so you could load up all your gear on it and then gatecheck whatever you needed to when you boarded the plane. i think a sling will be a necessity.. good luck!
  8. kyliesmom

    kyliesmom Member

    I would also call the airline and ask about the ticket situation. My family (DH, myself, 7 year old and twins who were 8 months at the time) flew on Delta and we were told we couldn't put two babies in the same row! I was shocked. Had something to do w/the oxygen masks. The difference is that the babies were lap babies and did not have their own seat (i.e. their own oxygen masks). But you might want to ask that question ahead of time.

    Otherwise, I agree w/others, that would be TOUGH. I wouldn't/couldn't do it (and I did a lot of traveling when my 7 year old was a baby, but I wouldn't do it w/two).

    I guess, though, if I had advice, I would wheel the stroller to the gate w/the car seats, check the stroller and one car seat at the gate. Don't take the bases, just strap them into the car on vacation w/the belts and no bases. Getting through security, oh my! Like someone said, maybe someone will have pity on you and help you b/c that would be very hard.

    Good luck!
  9. emp59

    emp59 Well-Known Member

    Ask for an escort pass when you check in for your husband and he can help you to the gate. Southwest almost always gives you one! However, then they will know that the baby is not your husband unless you claim the Jr. card. I would try it. they aren't going to be able to prove that she doesn't have the same name as your husband unless they check in her diaper :)
  10. tbeards

    tbeards Well-Known Member

    When we took our 5 month old dd on a trip with us we had to let them know at the time of ticketing that she would be on our lap so you may just want to double check with your airline if they require you to notify them that you will be bringing a lap baby. It sounds like you didn't do this when you got the tickets so I am making this assumption. It does have to do with not more than one lap baby in a row as another poster said because of the oxygen mask issue and you don't know if another person bought a ticket in your row that also has a lap baby. It makes for an even more difficult trip because not only will you need to get your babies on board smoothly but if you get to your row and find that there is going to be an issue because another person in your row has a lap baby you essentially open up the passengers all around you to rearrange their seating assignments to accommodate the one lap baby per row policy and thus some really angry people...

    If I were you, I would have the ticket reissued to one of the babies now so you don't have to deal with any issues once you are at the airport. Then I would, as the poster above stated, and get an escort pass so someone can help you to the gate and on the plane. I would also bring a stroller that has the double infant car seat snap ins so you can bring it all the way to the gate, check it there and bring one car seat on the plane with you. Another nice thing about that is if there are extra seats and you can get an entire row to yourself (three seats wide) then you can bring both car seats on the plane and have your babies both buckled in.

    Good luck! You are definitely brave : )
  11. lorileahb

    lorileahb Well-Known Member

    Also (at least when you are leaving home and when you return) most airlines will issue a gate check ticket for your dh to help you to your gate and through security with the kids. My dh and I have both been able to get these gate check tickets when he/I traveled with our first child. The ticket basically enables your husband to go with your through security and to your gate. All I had to show was my plane ticket and my husband had to show his driver's license.
  12. waitingpaitently20

    waitingpaitently20 Well-Known Member

    I definatley think it is douable, but I would first call the airline and double check on how many babies you can bring on with one adult.

    I would also be extra prepared for unexpected situations like getting stuck on the runway for a long period of time with a delay, blowouts and motionsickness. It might also not be a bad idea to order and extra seat if you have the money in case you get delayed, have a major blow out and need the extra room to do changes and what not. This way you could put each baby in a carseat and be able to move around in case you have to do changes feedings and what not. Seems like it would be trickey to move around a tight space while holding onto one baby.

    I know when my aunt flew with my cousin for the first time she was in such a rush and must not have put the diaper on correctly and it leaked all over her. She said next time she would put a towel on her lap and bring an extra change of clothes for herself incase she got wet again.

    I would also bring a protable dvd player incase they get really upset and you can distract them espeically if you have a delay.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide and how it turns out!
  13. krisdeb04

    krisdeb04 Well-Known Member

    When you check in at the airport you can ask for your husband to go through security with you, they can give him a 'boarding pass' and he will be able to go through all the way to the gate, he just won't be able to go on the plane. My DH got one when I was traveling with the twins in July.
  14. EricaM

    EricaM Well-Known Member

    The reason why I'm not having my husband accompany me to the gate is because I am using a boarding pass in his name for one of the babies (since babies don't need ID to get through security) ... things might get weird if I have both a boarding pass and a 'get through security' pass both in his name. He'll help me get up to the check in counter so I can check my bags.

    As of now, there seem to be lots of seats available on the flight (at least, southwest will let me purchase 8 seats, and at a discount price too... the way their pricing works, they have X tickets at $100, Y tickets at $150, Z tickets at $180 and the rest at full price or whatever...) Of course, only they know the exact breakdown, but hopefully the flight wont sell out and I'll bring both carseats onto the plane. I already called and I can bring two babies with me (so long as at least one has a purchased seat). (Also, southwest has open seating, so you don't need to let them know until you arrive that you have a lap child.)
  15. Sisrea

    Sisrea Well-Known Member

    What kind of car seat to do you have? If it is covertible can you do this??

    And then put the other in a carrier?
  16. AngelKLP13

    AngelKLP13 Well-Known Member

    I agree! You need to change the ticket to your daughter. We flew in July from texas to Georgia. The twins were 7 months old then. It was DH, DS, DS, DD and I. I couldn't have done it on my own. Some airlines won't even let one adult travel alone with 2 infants. You need to call the airline first and make sure you can even travel solo with the two. We brought Birth Certificates with us for the twins because some airlines will ask for ID for the infant to make sure they belong to you.
  17. EricaM

    EricaM Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to bump this up to update! We're back from our trip and it went REALLY well!

    DH came with me to the airport, and the gate agent offered him a security pass to go through security with me. They either didn't look or didn't care that I had a boarding pass in his name, and a security pass in his name. (As a pre-emptive measure, I dressed one daughter in our only blue onesie... DH and I were jokingly referring to her as 'little slugger' LOL) It was a good thing too, since in my early morning/still sleeping mode, I ended up at the wrong gate at the opposite end of the airport.

    The security agents checking passes also didn't care, I just showed them all of our boarding passes (I had a 'lap baby' tag attached to mine, plus the boarding pass in DHs name) and they sent us right through. Security was pretty easy, just a lot of moving our 5 million things down the counter to get into the x-ray machine! Our flight going was barely 1/3 full (43 people on a plane that seats around 130), so I was able to bring both carseats on. That was the hardest part of the trip. A flight attendant carried one baby, and a helpful gentleman carried the two carseat bases (because I didn't think to snap the seats into the bases to make carrying them on easier) Since the flight was nearly empty, we had a whole row to ourselves! I decided to skip on trying to breastfeed both of them on the plane, so I had bottles ready to make up, which they had as we left, and they fell asleep shortly after we took off, and didn't wake up until we arrived! On the way off the plane, I remembered to snap the seats into the bases so there were less pieces to carry out, and again, a flight attendant carried one baby for me while we waited for the snap and go. Mom was waiting for me at baggage claim, and everything was easy past there!

    Coming back home was pretty much the same (but since I had my father in law with me to help, I didn't even worry about passing off a baby as DH, since he could always have a lap baby if necessary (again, it didn't matter, since the flight was again nearly empty, so we were able to bring both carseats on the plane.))
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