Finally! A name!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Specky, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Specky

    Specky Well-Known Member

    I no longer have to fear that this baby's birth certificate is going to read 'Squid Dabrowski'...or...'No Name Dabrowski'.

    We've finally agreed on Jacob Peter Dabrowski. But not sure if we should spell it Jacob or Jakob.

    My only concern is he's going to have to spell his name for people over and over...

    What are your thoughts?? Jacob or Jakob??

    I'm psyched to be 29wks, in all honestly I never thought this was going to really happen!!
  2. AimeeThomp

    AimeeThomp Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I like Jacob. I have a preference for traditional spellings of names.
  3. Specky

    Specky Well-Known Member

    Thanks Aimee. I tend to agree.

    Oh and we are not sharing name until (squid) those of you whom I'm FB friends with...sssshhh...please.
  4. rrodman

    rrodman Well-Known Member

    I say Jacob. I really prefer traditional spellings (and trust me, as a Rachael, having to spell your name every time you say it and having people constantly and repeatedly spell it wrong on everything even when they have it in front of them gets really old). I also actively dislike Jakob for reasons I don't understand.
  5. Katheros

    Katheros Well-Known Member

    I prefer Jacob as well, I'm another one that has spent a lifetime spelling my name all the time and still having it spelled wrong most of the time.  
  6. cheezewhiz24

    cheezewhiz24 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Traditional spelling all the way.
  7. jjzollman

    jjzollman Well-Known Member

    Love Jacob. Hate Jakob.

  8. threebecamefive

    threebecamefive Well-Known Member

    Love your name choice! I also prefer the "Jacob" spelling, but he may still have to spell it over and over again. It seems that since so many people are creating new ways of spelling traditional names, no one is ever sure how to spell anything. All of my kids have very traditional names with the traditional spellings, yet I find myself having to spell each name just about every time we go somewhere. It's crazy, because I chose the "normal" spellings to avoid having to do that, yet we are anyway!

    Anyway, yay to deciding on a name!
  9. Specky

    Specky Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys! Jacob Peter it is! Now to get my boys to use it! Ryan says he wants to call the baby squid while he still is in my belly. Lol!
    Thank you for helping me to win a small victory!
  10. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I also prefer the spelling of Jacob.  I'm another fan of traditional spellings of names.  I love the name Jacob.
  11. gina_leigh

    gina_leigh Well-Known Member

    I love Jacob! 
    We called Caleb "Bean" at first, before knowing if he was a boy or girl. Well, the kids took to that and it was only in the last month or so of the pregnancy that we finally got them saying Caleb instead of Bean. I was terrified that he'd be Bean forever! LOL
  12. MNTwinSquared

    MNTwinSquared Well-Known Member

    awesome to hear you found a name!  Love it!  Very strong name!
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