Emotions Worst in Twin Pregnancy?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by fruitofthewomb, May 27, 2012.

  1. fruitofthewomb

    fruitofthewomb Active Member

    Hello all, I'm sorry I don't have much of a profile or picture here yet. We have 5 children 5 years old and younger and I am 25 weeks pregnant and 42 years old. I am very emotional and get angry at things I normally wouldn't "explode" over. Normally, I do well during pregnancy with a few bumps along the way. This is embarrassing for me to share but I am wondering if this is common with a twin pregnancy or maybe it's just circumstantial. We just moved across the US from Washington to Iowa and stayed in motels for 2 months while waiting for a home to close - after driving around through 13 States. I'm having a hard time settling in here and it's hard being in a home with unfamiliar surrounding. Anyways, any input anyone could share would be appreciated. Thank you...
  2. efaith

    efaith Well-Known Member

    Wow, sounds like a really challenging time for you! I am pretty emotional this time round but if I had 5 children (5 and younger? how did you fit that all in!!!) or had just had such an unsettling move - let alone both - I'd probably be completely out of my mind. I think given your circumstances a high degree of emotions is perfectly normal!!! Hope things settle for you quickly.
  3. AKilburn

    AKilburn Well-Known Member

    This is my first pregnancy so I dont have much to go off of but given your circumstances, not being able to rest since you have 5 children, the move and challenges that come with it, I think it would be expected to be going a little out of your mind! I wouldn't worry too much about being emotional, sounds like you need some much needed " me" time to rest and relax.
  4. fruitofthewomb

    fruitofthewomb Active Member

    Thank you both. At least I have my husband here to help me - he is a life saver. I'm just praying each day for the sake of our family, to calm down a little when things do happen because they will happen. Thanks again. : )
  5. christinam

    christinam Well-Known Member

    (((hugs))) A couple years ago when I was pregnant with my twins, my children were all under five. I'm expecting twins again and this time my five children are all six and under. With the stress of everything you're going through plus the kids I would expect some extra emotions. I'm a lot more miserable with twins than my three single pregnancies that's for sure. Plus, it's just been down right hot lately. I hope you can get things settled soon. All the moving would make me batty. I'm too big of a nester while pregnant.
  6. Katheros

    Katheros Well-Known Member

    I would say it's just stress also. My twins were my first and I never had any issues. When I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, I was so stressed out (my husband is in the military and was gone a lot) and was super emotional all the time! Every pregnancy is different, too. There were definitely times I had to put myself in time out or just go outside to cool off. Everything either made me really mad or made me cry! I started to stabilize emotionally towards the end, though. :D
  7. 3under2!

    3under2! Well-Known Member

    Ugh. My husband will tell you that pregnancy makes you more emotional, LOL. I think with everything you are going through, it is QUITE understandable that you are on a short fuse!! Welcome to TS and I hope you have a healthy, full term and uneventful twin pregnancy!!

    PS. Your daughter and I have the same name-so fun! And I'm also into raw milk etc (not that I'm dong much of that at this stage in my life lol) Off to check out your blog now ;)
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