Does anyone have their twins in separate schools?

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    Lily tested for and has been accepted into our district's Magnet program.  So for 3rd-5th grades, she'll be going to a completely different school than Grace.  She is very excited about this program.  She's had great teachers who have done well at challenging her so far, but she's ready to move on to the next level.  Grace is happy for her too and does not seem to be bothered by this so far (we've spent a lot of this year prepping for this possibility).  Plus, she doesn't want as much homework as Lily will be getting. :)
    Anyways, just curious if anyone else out there has their twins in separate schools.  Right now the bus stop is my driveway (going to their current school).  I really hope we can get the other bus to Lily's school to do that too. The pick up times will be similar, so I don't know if that will work out.  Thank goodness I have lots of great neighbors who will watch G if I need to get L to a different bus location.  But I will miss the convenience of just stepping out into my driveway for sure. And they've always been in separate classes.
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    My kids were in different schools for Pre-K, and one got the bus from my door, and the other was a pick up.  Fortunately, I had neighbors with kids on the same bus, so we were able to cover for each other for pick up, you just find the routine that works and go with it.  Good luck to the girls, it sounds like they are both in the right place!
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    My girls are in separate schools.  In completely separate towns one being a half hour from home with no bus to pick her up.  While logistically it is difficult, it is the best thing I could have done for BOTH girls.  Holly was also bumped up a grade, so at this point I have one about to enter high school and one with one more year of middle school.
    Our local bus stop is at the end of our driveway, which makes it easy for Cassie.  Last year getting Holly to school was easy, as I worked at the school she was in.  I just had to drop Cassie off at a friend's house on our way.  This year I changed jobs and a friend with a son in the same school picks her up to take her to school.  We alternate who picks them up at the end of the day.  Mine being older gives me the freedom to have one or the other home for a half hour or so alone if there is a conflict.  As does our having local friends who can pitch in in a pinch.  Next year we are not sure what we are going to do to get Holly to school, I am able to be flexible in my job, so I could get her there and pick her up, but I'm hoping to find a car pool or similar option so that I am not driving 100 miles a day back and forth.
    With all the logistical issues aside, I made the decision to move Holly based on what would be best for her, and her sister and the family.  As a fifth grader she was going to be moved to a school where it was grades 7-12, and she would be in grade 7.  Now as she gets ready to become a freshman, she is contemplating starting college as a 10th grader, and completing her HS diploma at the same time.  That will be an even bigger logistical dilemma!  She has flourished in her new school environment.  She was a quiet, angry, sad little girl who has blossomed into a confident young woman who stands up for herself and others and knows what she wants.  Her grades are at straight A level, with my only concern being if she is being challenged enough in school.  
    Cassie on the other hand has become a new kid as well, She went from B's and a few A's to straight A's with her sister not in the same school.  She is my little social butterfly, and has more friends that I can count.  She is involved with extra curricular activities and loves being at school (well as much as any middle schooler can love being at school!).
    These two have been in separate classes since kindergarten, and are about as different as two sisters can be.  While this has separated them physically, it has also brought them closer together.  They are able to share more in the limited time they have together, and are less likely to push each others buttons to set of an argument.  I too can tolerate them both much better!  LOL!
    My advice to you is to do what is best for all of you.  There will be times when one will have to give up something so the other can do something else, but it will happen both ways.  Give and take, making decisions on priorities, and learning how to compromise and work things out as a family is a great lesson for kids to learn, and the earlier the better.  I wish that I had had the option to separate my two years before, it would have staved of the problems we encountered in 5th grade.

    Good luck with your decision, and don't forget to ask for help.  Something most of us have a hard time doing, but there are friends and neighbors that are more than willing to help out if only we would ask.
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