Does anyone chew their food anymore

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Jessalt, May 5, 2012.

  1. Jessalt

    Jessalt Member

    I realize this is goofy, but I wolf down anything I eat now. I barely stop to notice what it tastes like, just trying to get it down before a baby gets upset. Tonight was the rare night that the babies are asleep before I ate dinner, instead of eating while someone is nursing or crying. And I still barely noticed what I was eating. I think it's time for a date with my husband!
  2. Henderson

    Henderson Well-Known Member

    Me too! We barely get to eat a good meal! We do those frozen meals or quick bake or skillet things! Needless to say unhealthy! But even if we do eat while they are in our presence they want it too... so they share our plate, lol. It's a contest when we go out to eat to see who finishes first us or them!
  3. ftm2bgtwins

    ftm2bgtwins Active Member

    Me three! I don't know how many times I've burned my mouth lately tryin to hurry and eat
  4. twodads

    twodads Member

    Even when we go out for date night (which has been 3 times in the past 11 months.......) I find that I still eat ridiculously fast. And I'm a slow eater by nature!
  5. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member

    My twins are 5 and I have not chewed my food since they have been born LOL!!!! And now with our new baby I figure chewing is not in my near future!
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