Do you check on your babies before YOU go to bed?

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by ceb023, May 14, 2008.

  1. ceb023

    ceb023 Well-Known Member

    Dh and I have always checked on the boys (they go down at 7pm) right before we go to bed (around 10-11pm). After putting black-out shades up in their room it became really hard to see anything at night, so we starting using the night vision on our camcorder to take a quick peek at them (yes, we're weird). Well... we had to put crib tents up over the weekend and now we can't see into their cribs with the camcorder because of the glare from the white crib tent. So we can't really check on them anymore. I guess it's not a big deal but I felt SO weird going to bed last night without checking on them. I don't know if I can do it every night. Does anyone else feel like they HAVE to check the babies before going to bed? Is not checking on them something I'll just get used to after a few days?

  2. Mommy Rash

    Mommy Rash Well-Known Member

    I don't think we have ever checked on the boys! They are such light sleepers if we opened the door they would wake up! I just trust the montior i guess!
    (my mom thinks it's weird that we doing check on them though)
  3. naomi02

    naomi02 Well-Known Member

    I have to check on the kids every night, but dh never does. I've actually gone to bed, forgetting to do it but I have to get up & go check! What I'll do sometimes so that I can see is turn the light on in the hallway, or take one of the little Moby lights with me:
  4. i4get

    i4get Well-Known Member

    Yes, I go in their room constantly. Even if I check on them before I get ready for bed, I still go back one more time before actually getting into bed. We have always had a night light in their room, but I actually turn on the bathroom light (just outside their room) when I go in. They rarely wake up. If they do, I just hold them for a minute and put them back down.

    You are NOT weird. I check on them alot and rub their backs or hold their hand. I have no idea why but I can't NOT go check. :D Shoot - I even have to change them sometimes because we are still tee-tee-ing an unbelievable amount. I think they are so used to me going in there that me "quietly" checking on them doesn't wake them up. I've even been known to put up laundry!
  5. stephe

    stephe Well-Known Member

    We used to check EVERY night but since they have gotten older we rarely check anymore unless they are sick or something.

    Too paranoid I will wake them up. Plus I can still hear everything with the baby monitor.
  6. Amanda

    Amanda Well-Known Member

    I always do :) My kids rooms are dark but I open their closet door a bit to peek at them, plus they have night lights.
  7. MrsBQ02

    MrsBQ02 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I do- DH doesn't. Though I'm sure there have been nights where I've been so tired I've forgotten. The baby monitor is on loud enough though that I can often hear them breathing!
  8. Ericka B

    Ericka B Well-Known Member

    I am a total freak and still check on them several times a night before I go to bed. My boys have a night light in their room that I plug in each night and un-plug each morning. I'm sure you would get used to it but I just can't stay away from my little munchkins that long. :)
  9. Vero

    Vero Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's weird at all. It's now a routine for me to check on them every night before I go to bed. Specially because Madelyn is a crazy sleeper so I need to put the blanket back on her again. :D
    It makes me feel comfortable knowing I just checked on the girls - so I'm able to go to sleep quicker.
  10. Jordari

    Jordari Well-Known Member

    I ALWAYS check on them and DH never does. In fact, I think it's odd that he doesn't - and he thinks it's odd that I do. He seems to think that it's voyeuristic to watch them in their sleep (or he's pulling my leg); i tell him that they're babies, that's what MOST parents do (no disrespect to those who don't)

    Their room is very dark so i use the light on my phone. I LOVE to see them sleeping; little tusheies in the air!

    and yes, on the off chance that i've forgotten (maybe twice) I get out of bed to check.
  11. bridgeport

    bridgeport Well-Known Member

    I always check on them before I go to bed, too. I've had the same issue with light lately, but I find I can get my 'fix' by just opening the door and listening to them breathe in and out for a minute. Sometimes I just must see them, but most of the time just hearing them is enough to let me go to sleep.
  12. dfaut

    dfaut 30,000-Post Club

    I do it every night still!! I have a "Lightning McQueen" light that is on till I go to bed, so I can see that way. Also, I can turn a light on outside their room and see in well enough. But yes, I can't imagine when I will stop checking on them before bed :wub:
  13. seamusnicholas

    seamusnicholas Well-Known Member

    I check them every night. I wonder if I always will!!!
  14. Juj

    Juj Well-Known Member

    Every night. I actually have a little mini flashlight that I use in case there is not enough light from the hall light.
  15. rubyturquoise

    rubyturquoise Well-Known Member

    I check on mine every night on the way to bed, and they're 5. I don't check on the boys any more. They're teenagers, though.
  16. twoin2005

    twoin2005 Well-Known Member

    DH and I check on them every night, sometimes together and sometimes on our own. But we both always check. For me, seeing them there sleeping so peacefully is a beautiful way to end a stressful day and a simple reminder of why I am so blessed.
  17. ljcrochet

    ljcrochet Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I check on my girls every night before I go to bed. I don't think i started that till they were in toddler beds though. I used to use the light from the hallway, but now my girls like to sleep with their light on. So I go in before I go to bed, check on them, and turn off the light.
  18. SweetpeaG

    SweetpeaG Well-Known Member

    Yes, I check on them before going to bed. We also have blackout shades in their rooms. I just flick on the hall light for a better view.
  19. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    We used to, but don't anymore. One of us will go in and make sure our oldest DD is covered up though.
  20. kimj

    kimj Well-Known Member

    I check on the girls before I go to bed. It's funny you should post this because JUST the other morning, I woke up and realized I hadn't checked on them before shutting off the light (I read before sleep) - I didn't freak or anything - but I really really wanted them to wake early that morning. I was too chicken to go in there when I woke because I didn't want to wake them.
  21. NicoleT

    NicoleT Well-Known Member

    I do check. I just turn on the hall light and I can see in just fine.
  22. Utopia122

    Utopia122 Well-Known Member

    Every night!! I turn on the bathroom light to see in their room--their bedroom is right across the hall.
  23. Shadyfeline

    Shadyfeline Well-Known Member

    We have had crib tents since the boys were 23 months and I do have to creep in to check them before I go to bed. I used to be able to just peek in but I have had to resort to going in since the tents went up. I check them about 3 times before going to bed.
  24. SharonH

    SharonH Well-Known Member

    One of us always checks on them too. It's become ritual and helps me sleep better knowing that everyone is tucked in one last time.
  25. kristie75

    kristie75 Well-Known Member

    I always check them before going to bed. I put on the hall light and that gives me enough light to see them. I wait until I see their chests move, then I'm okay. I make sure they don't have too much stuff in their cribs, take out or adjust anything needed. When my dd had her crib tent it did make it harder to see her. I would have the hall light on, and I would crouch down next to the crib and look through from the side because it was easier to see her from that angle.
  26. AmynTony

    AmynTony Well-Known Member

    I do just to make sure there are no limbs hanging out of the crib, blankets wrapped around their heads etc...I just put on the hall light and peek in - make sure I hear breathing and sneak out!
  27. Sullyirishtwins

    Sullyirishtwins Well-Known Member

    If I did that my son's crib is pretty close to the doorway. He is a light sleeper and if I crank the door open he'll wake up. We don't go in there since we have a TV video monitor help to check on them all the time.

    Good post to ask around!
    D, w/Rianna and Justin (19 mos)
  28. imlodog

    imlodog Well-Known Member

    yes, i always check on them...any time i get up in the night, i check on them...i just love looking at them when they are sleeping. i like to make sure they look comfortable and i will put blankets on them too. i just like to see them :)
  29. becky5

    becky5 Guest

    I do. It's just part of my routine!
  30. ahmerl

    ahmerl Well-Known Member

    I HAVE to check and I love doing it. I sort of leave their door open a bit so that I can see in. DH doesn't check and thinks it is silly that I do. Even if I can hear them breathing I still put my hand on their back to feel their back moving up and down as they breathe. I can't help it, it comforts me and I cannot go to bed without doing it. There have been times I have woken one up and DH gets so irritated but it is worth it to me.
  31. anicosia

    anicosia Well-Known Member

    I still check on all of mine. Even my almost 12 y.o.
  32. double-or-nothing

    double-or-nothing Well-Known Member

    Yes. I (we) check on them every night before I go to bed. Not because I'm worried but just because I love to see them while they are so at peace. It just gives me such a warm feeling and puts a smile on my face before I lay down to drift off into dream land to know they are healthy, and beautiful and asleep (thank goodness!!! ;) :lol: )
  33. ksugal

    ksugal Well-Known Member

    Mostly DH checks on them as that is just "his thing" to do with the boys. I sometimes also check simply if they are sick or if I want to see their sweet faces!
  34. JDMummy

    JDMummy Well-Known Member

    I am a bad mommy. I do not check on them. :eek: I usually put them to bed and run....
  35. Tripsmommy

    Tripsmommy Well-Known Member

    I still do, and my "babies" are almost 8... I gotta be me!
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