Concern about one of the twins growth

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by twingirls15, May 29, 2014.

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    Hi All,
    I'm 26 weeks and i'm expecting girls this summer.  I had my weekly utrasound this morning and found out Baby A is smaller than Baby B. Baby A weighs 1.08 lbs and Baby B weights 2.3 lbs. Now my specialist wants to see me twice a week just to make sure Baby B is just having a growth spurt.  She wasn't really at all but she said she just wants to make sure Baby A will catch up.  She did mentioned about TTTS.
    Is there anything I should be worried about?
    Any information would really be of help.
    Thank you!!
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    It sounds like your doctor is on top of things, so I wouldn't worry.. just keep up the appointments and maybe be aware of the possible options if it does turn out to be TTTS so you can talk with your specialist about it. One thing to keep in mind is that ultrasound measurements are not always accurate, especially with two squirmy babies in there. Chances are with increased monitoring you'll find everything is a-ok.
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    Do you know whether your twins share a placenta? It sounds like perhaps the doctor isn't sure, which is why she's considering TTTS. Monoamniotic dizygotic and monoamniotic monozygotic twins are the only one susceptible to TTTS.

    That being said, my girls were mono-di and weighed differently at birth but never had any TTTS complications. Also, ultrasounds are notoriously unreliable for sizing, so they could have just measured incorrectly. Try to enjoy the extra visits with your babes.

    Congrats and welcome to Twinstuff!
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    Hi ECUBitzy,
    The twins share a placenta
  5. ECUBitzy

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    Then it looks like your doctor is being proactive, which is awesome! My girls were never the same size and delivered with a pretty good difference.

    If it does turn out to be TTTS, there are so many options for treatment. Check out the website (I need to go google that!) for awesome resources if y'all get to that point. If you're anything like me, though, don't research too much yet. Try to take this a day at a time so you don't take on too much worry unnecessarily.

    You can also try drinking Boost protein shakes for now. It's great for the babies' growth!

    Edit- It's :)
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