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    Hey, my hubby is on a short break from his work. He and I are fond of DIY projects, we have a lot of DIY products at home.
    Now he is planning to create an indoor play area for kids. This time I won't be there helping him as I am on work! yesterday when I reached home after work I saw a brand new shipping container placed in our yard, he wanted to surprise me and our kids!
    His plan is cool, he is going to create a playhouse out of this container, he even showed me the sketch and plan, more than enough to get an outweighing output!
    Unfortunately, I'm becoming a bit claustrophobic after hearing the entire plan! The shipping container is going to be split into double decks and there will be a quick escape to the ground floor too(Current plan is to place the container on the first floor!).
    I have done a bit of online reading and see these are normal and many people do have similar kind things at home. I was ok, then I see this blog, the comment section is full of hate, most of the people are concerned about safety just like me.
    As I have this claustrophobic past, my hubby is not at all listens to me. What should I do now? I can assure you that I'm claustrophobic only in my case, and this is the first time I'm trying to restrict others, so it isn't related to my phobia but it is a mother's concern for their kids! I fail to express my feelings.

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