Can your 16-18 month old stack Lego's

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by serranoboys, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. serranoboys

    serranoboys Well-Known Member

    Just wondering. My boys know they're supposed to go together and when I align them correctly for them, they know to push down, but they can't actually snap them into place themselves. We have the big ones for age 1-3. I want for them to play with them but Caleb gets EXTREMELY frustrated and cries when because he can't do it himself.
  2. thetaphi_62

    thetaphi_62 Well-Known Member

    We have the mega blocks and at that age they could only stack the single ones. They would link those really tall, but not play with any of the bigger ones. Now that I think about it, it was probably because it was too hard for them to get those together. Try the singles where there are less holes to line up. Maybe that will be less frustrating?
  3. Becca34

    Becca34 Well-Known Member

    Nope. Not yet. They stack quite a few regular blocks, but aren't adept enough to put Legos together...
  4. Minette

    Minette Well-Known Member

    Mine certainly could not at that age. I sometimes wondered if they were Lego-delayed. Now, at 3 years, they are finally playing with the Legos that say "12+ months" and enjoying them a lot.
  5. dfaut

    dfaut 30,000-Post Club

    I can't remember, sorry! But I STILL have to participate! :( :rolleyes: It's nutty! I think some kids are builders and some aren't. Mine aren't! :cry:
  6. ahmerl

    ahmerl Well-Known Member

    Yes, mine can. They have the mega blocks and so far I have only seen them stack one layer, but they can do it with the multiple ones and the single ones. It is funny because I read posts about how the poster will go in the bathroom and come out to find their 16-18 month olds standing on top of the dining table. I cannot imagine Jack or Lily climbing that well. I agree with pp, they all seem drawn to different things. Mine, so far, ar not big climbers, but they do seem to be stackers! They also love to use the shape sorter box things and are fairlyl proficient at that.
  7. nurseandrea02

    nurseandrea02 Well-Known Member

    My boys can stack the single ones on top of the multiple ones or another single one, but do have a hard time with the multiple ones. We have the Megablock things, too....there's no way they could actually stack real legos! I was impressed the other day when Aiden stacked 4 blocks (regular blocks) high....I didn't expect that! Neither of my 2 are all that good with fine motor...we're working on it but they're sooooo busy with their gross motor (ie climbing, running, climbing, climbing, etc ;)....) that they don't sit down to work on their fine motor. I'll pay more attention to their lego stacking tomorrow ;).
  8. Laura in Alaska

    Laura in Alaska Well-Known Member

    My girls have been playing with the legos for about 6 months now. McKenna got it way before Genevieve. She could stack them and snap them and usually take them apart a few weeks before her sister. Genevieve did get frustrated before she finally "got it". Now, McKenna is a lego building machine! She makes the coolest, most complex cities. Genevieve only likes the square ones and she stacks them into straight columns as high as they can go without breaking. She won't be bothered with any of the other legos though. Just the square ones. :D
  9. Becca34

    Becca34 Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(ahmerl @ Nov 17 2008, 08:49 PM) [snapback]1074695[/snapback]
    It is funny because I read posts about how the poster will go in the bathroom and come out to find their 16-18 month olds standing on top of the dining table. I cannot imagine Jack or Lily climbing that well. I agree with pp, they all seem drawn to different things.

    This is so true! Kevan doesn't even walk yet, but he knows to pull out a dining chair, climb up, and then get up on the table and stand up while pulling up on the chandelier. The other day, he pushed a chair over to the kitchen counter and climbed up on that to get the TV remote. I couldn't believe it! I've rescued him from the most precarious situations. Nadia never even thought of doing those things, and Karina hasn't so far, either.

    Kevan has also figured out how to press down and open some of the child-proof locks on our kitchen drawers, and he steals the box of wipes and empties it within about 20 seconds. But shape sorters? Puzzles? Legos? Anything he *should* be doing? Total mystery, LOL.
  10. twinboys07

    twinboys07 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't worry... my boys LOVE their Mega Blocks and have been really good at them for about 2 weeks. Jackson can also climb all over-- to the highest heights, while Jacob cries hysterically as soon as he realizes he is 2 inches off the ground (and not in a parent's protective arms). They are both completely infatuated and perplexed by the shape sorter. Not for a lack of trying!! Their vocabulary includes lots of words they have only heard once or twice... but words like "Mommy" and "love", which they have heard many times every day of their lives, have never been uttered upon their little lips! Ugh! So... I think kids just gravitate toward different things and are more adept at certain things rather than others. I personally think a lot of that element of the developmental process is innate. I wouldn't worry... even though I know that's hard to do!
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