can kids have chocolate or cookies?

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by newtothis, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. newtothis

    newtothis Well-Known Member

    i was just wondering if my LOs could have chocolate? i made cookies and would love to give them 1 each in small pieces as a dessert tonight.
  2. vharrison1969

    vharrison1969 Well-Known Member

    We do dessert every night. I like my ice cream, so I figure it's not fair to have it and not let the boys eat some! :D We don't do a lot of chocolate, but I did give them a chocolate cake for their first birthday and had no adverse reactions.

    My philosophy is that having sweets in moderation is part of a lifetime of enjoyable eating. If I had children with diabetes or chocolate allergies, I might think differently, but I love to bake and I'm so glad that I have little ones to share the bounty with!! :wub:
  3. nateandbrig

    nateandbrig Well-Known Member

    I'm so with Valerie, although for me, I love my cookies :laughing: My little ones would rather have a handful of blueberries or a million strawberries then any dessert but I have of course given them a fare share of cookies and treats. And mine have chocolate often in the their pancakes, muffins or even chocolate milk.
    I hope they enjoy it!
  4. twoplustwo

    twoplustwo Well-Known Member

    As long as they are capable to chewing and swallowing foods of similar texture, sure. I am sure it will be fun for them to have a new taste!
  5. horizon250

    horizon250 Well-Known Member

    ours have cookies and snacks sometimes. I like treating them.
  6. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

  7. lawilliams77

    lawilliams77 Well-Known Member

    We do chocolate chip cookies, fudge bars and ice cream occasionally for dessert. They love it as much as I do. :)
  8. lovemytwinsx2

    lovemytwinsx2 Well-Known Member

    I've been giving my boys chocolate since they turned 1 yr old, their bday cake was chocolate. They LOVE Choc. Chip Cookies, Choc. Ice cream. and Hershey's choc. bar. But they do not get it every day. Only in moderation, I dont really keep alot of junk food around, so when it's a treat for us, it's a treat for them. Go for it!
  9. SC_Amy

    SC_Amy Well-Known Member

    I've been giving my boys chocolate occasionally since their birthday cake, too. :) I agree that sweets and treats are fine in moderation at this age. If I saw that my kids were starting to ask for the "treats" all the time and refuse the healthy stuff, then I would cut back.
  10. Balon

    Balon Member

    I think that it is not needed to abusing it
  11. heidi rodriguez

    heidi rodriguez New Member

    You could make keto or vegan cookies so that their poinsettias do not have a hard time digesting the heavy food at another point you could not use commercial chocolate and buy this one organic chocolate so that you take into account the difference of what they consume because industrial chocolate is very dangerous for children because of its high caffeine content
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