Can IVF with donor eggs make pregnant with twins?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by MissPinkie, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. MissPinkie

    MissPinkie Member

    Hi, everybody! I’m not quite sure that this is the best place to post… Nevertheless, I’ve decided to post here as I need your help. Firstly, several words about myself… I’m 37 and I’m childless. When I was a young lady (especially, in my 20s), I was very much afraid to conceive. Now I regret too much about this as I can’t get pregnant at all. My DH and I have been TTC for nearly 5 years without any positive results. Firstly, I simply didn’t get pregnant. Than my gyny has found a large cyst on my left ovary, and I had a surgery. Now I have only one ovary, but again, I can’t get pregnant. The tests show that my right ovary has a very low ovarian reserve. My gyny recommends an egg donation. I know that some ladies can become pregnant with several kids when they do IVF with their own or donor eggs. I want to become pregnant with several babies too!!! Is there anybody here who has conceived twins with the help of a reproductive treatment??? Please, share your stories with me.

    P.S. I have one more issue that troubles me very much. We’ve contacted one fertility clinic. They seem to be rather reputable one. However, when we visited this clinic, we were a little bit shocked. Firstly, it was too overcrowded with people. You had to wait up to several hours to see the fertility specialist. It was so annoying!!! I quite like the fertility specialist whom we contacted. She seems to be very attentive and slow at the same time. It took her nearly 45 minutes to finish consulting us. In general, we’ve spent up to 3 hours in that clinic. Is it normal? We’ve also visited one more clinic, but the things were quite different there. It was empty. The staff and the doctor tried to be very soothing, but I disliked them nearly at once!!! Now I have to decide what to do further: to choose the first clinic or look for another place to get a treatment… Any ideas about this???
  2. lharrison1

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    I'd go with the clinic that makes you feel most comfortable, even if you have to wait longer.
    As for fertility treatments and twins I only have experience with clomid injections leading to multiples. Sorry I'm not much help when it comes to donor eggs-but I would think the more you implant the bigger the chance of having multiples fertilize. I wish you luck-I know many on that were on the infertile journey that came out happy when it was all said and done-I hope the same for you.
  3. shrimp

    shrimp New Member

    I think you should trust your gut in this case, because you were there and experienced all those things. None knows the situation better than you. Of course, you may browse some fertility forums and check the feedbacks about this clinic there. But mostly, it should be your decision. I think it’s a good sign that the doctor from the first clinic was very attentive to details. It may mean he’s a good specialist… Good luck in your ED journey!
  4. Cristianne

    Cristianne New Member

    My husband really, really wanted to have children of his own. We met when he was late 40s and now he is 51. After much soul searching, I agreed to try via a fertility clinic. I am 47 and work in nursing so understood the risks and potential heartache of using my own eggs. From the very beginning, I told our doctor that I wanted to use an egg donor, and asked right up front whether he was willing to transfer two embryos instead of one. He was and he did. I am now almost 28 weeks with twin girls. So to answer your question, YES, you can have twins using donor eggs! The required, scheduled daily injections last for weeks and do test one's resolve and the pills often made me nauseas, but hang in there if you do it, the reward is worth the stress of it.

    As for fertility clinics, we did much research before choosing ours. An important indicator to look for is whether the clinic in question has good numbers/solid results with both fresh eggs AND with frozen embryos. (There is a site that publishes clinic results based on area-sorry, I don't remember the name.) This is an important indicator regarding lab quality. When the numbers are disparate, it may be that, while the clinic may be good, that embryos are being lost in the lab process due to mishandling, which equates to loss of your time, money and creation of additional heartache. We went with Dr. Vermesh in Los Angeles. It meant frequent travel for appointments (we are six hours away) but every step of the way, our experience and interactions as far as communication, the staff, Dr. Vermesh himself, just everything, was personal, high quality and excellent. Good luck!
  5. MissPinkie

    MissPinkie Member

    Hi, everybody! Thanks for your posts. I really want to become a mum of twins. I think my family would be happier if I give birth to several children at once. Being childless makes me so upset. I was so foolish, when I was younger and healthier and didn’t want to become pregnant!!! I wish I could return in my twenties and fix everything!!! I think I would ask the fertility specialists to transfer as many embryos into my uterus as possible to get better chances to conceive. Christianne, thanks for the clue. I would certainly try to check the success rates of the clinics we’ve got interested in! The thing is we really liked the first clinic in some way. We’ve got interested in them after having browsed the fertility forums. Most of the feedbacks about them were positive ones. They offer egg donation packages for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, we can’t offer treatment at luxury fertility clinics. I think we’ll even have to travel somewhere abroad to get an affordable fertility treatment…
  6. TrueVegetarian

    TrueVegetarian New Member

    When you do a simple IVF or DE IVF, they usually put three embryos into your uterus. The possibility of getting pregnant with multiples is very high. You may consult your RE and discuss this issue with him. As far as I know, you may even select a gender of the future child or children. As for the clinic, I would check the success rates of both of them. For me, it’s a key moment in choosing the clinic! Pay attention to the way they select egg donors for their clients. I wish you good luck in your ED journey!
  7. MissPinkie

    MissPinkie Member

    I do hope that my DE IVF would lead to the pregnancy with multiples. I really want this very much. The clinic we’ve got interested in offers us oocytes of young women. These are ladies who are 18-25 years old. The clinic seems to be a selective one. Our program coordinator told us that all women who want to become egg donors have to pass through a rigorous medical checkup. The fertility specialists of the clinic would also check the family tree of the woman who wants to share her eggs with the clinic’s patients. An egg donor must also be a mum of at least one healthy child. This is the way the clinic chooses egg donors for their clients. What do you think about it?
  8. Vegearian

    Vegearian New Member

    Hi! I think you should pay more attention to the success rates of the clinic. It’s great that they deal with young egg donors. At least, you’ll get more chances to conceive with the eggs of young woman because they are of better quality. But how are they are going to select an egg donor particularly for your DE IVF? Will you be able to glimpse at the donor’s photos?

    P.S. As far as I know, some clinics give their clients such an opportunity…
  9. MissPinkie

    MissPinkie Member

    According to the contract we have to sign up the clinic takes all responsibilities for finding an appropriate egg donor for us DE IVF. Before visiting the clinic for the first time, we sent the a short description of the woman who would suit us as an egg donor. We specified such options as height, weight, hair and eye color. Our program coordinator told us that the clinic has a large database of egg donors. They would use a special software to find an appropriate egg donor for us. If we sign up a contract with them, we’ll be able to see a 3D photo of the egg donor.
  10. Vegearian

    Vegearian New Member

    It’s great that they will give you an opportunity to glimpse at the donor’s 3D photo. As far as I know, not all fertility clinics allow their clients to do this. However, will they charge any additional fees for this opportunity. As far as I know, some fertility clinics may do this. They may ask you to book some optional services or to do some additional health tests to earn more money. What about the clinic you’ve got interested in? Do they do the same things?
  11. MissPinkie

    MissPinkie Member

    I think they won’t charge any additional fees. At least, I hope they won’t do this… According to the contract we are offered to sign up, the clinic will charge only a fixed sum. As we’re going to book several shots, this sum will be divided into several installments. We may make the payment either in cash or via bank transfer. I think it’s really very handy as you’ll be able to plan your expenses. What do you think about it?
  12. Vegearian

    Vegearian New Member

    I quite like the way they charge fees for their services. At least, you’ll be able to plan expenses and that is really great. You see I have a close friend. She is also infertile and is looking for an appropriate clinic to deal with. Could you please share the name of the clinic you’re going to deal with? Where is it situated? Thanks for your answers.
  13. MissPinkie

    MissPinkie Member

    We’ve got interested in b*otexcom. This is a Ukrainian fertility clinic. It’s situated in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. You may ask your friend to visit their official website and get more information about their services there. She may also contact them via a phone or email. The clinic does seem to be quite ok. The only thing they are too overcrowded. You have to wait quite a lot of time in the queue before they are ready to meet you.
  14. toughGirl

    toughGirl New Member

    Hi, there! I don’t think Ukraine is a perfect place to go. This country is at war now. In addition, it’s rather poor one. MissPinkie, I think you should think twice before going there. Even if you decide to deal with a Ukrainian clinic, make sure that the place you’re going is a peaceful one. Good luck in your journey!
  15. Suffmann

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