Breastfeeding vs. Mirena

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Katheros, May 18, 2014.

  1. Katheros

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    Just wondering if anyone has personal experience with getting a Mirena while still breastfeeding.  I have read that in can effect one's supply.  I had a Mirena put in when Josh was about 8 weeks old or so and I did notice a dip in my supply the first few days but I was pumping and bottle feeding.  This time, baby is now 3 months old and has only had the breast.  I want to get another Mirena for period control, I have awful, awful periods and I just don't want to go through them ever again.  So the copper IUD isn't an option.  My husband had a vasectomy so this is strictly so I don't have periods rather than babies, although a little extra protection never hurts!   We're moving in two months and I'd like to have my midwife here do it before we move.  So I'm just wondering, realistically, if supply is really an issue at this point. 
  2. AimeeThomp

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    I had Mirena when I was breastfeeding Coop. Did not affect it at all. I think I got it put in around 8 weeks PP and he nursed until almost 1. He nursed until he could drink cow's milk, I remember that much.
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