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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Angie26, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Angie26

    Angie26 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone, it has been A LONG time since I have been on. My twins are now 10, however my niece just had twins boy/girl and is struggling a bit. She had the babies on Friday (25th) and her milk has not come in yet. How long does it take, I am trying to remember but I don't remember it taking it this long. Also does pain meds effect the breastmilk coming in?? She just got staples out today and trying not to take her heavy meds, but is hurting.
  2. SherrieMay

    SherrieMay New Member

    Congrats, another twin mommy in the family! If she's a first-time mom, she'll probably start producing milk about three to four days.
  3. MomRN

    MomRN New Member

    Congrats to the new mommy!
    Pain medication shouldn't have an effect on when your milk comes in (though everyone's body reacts differently). Maybe have her call a lactation consultant and see what she suggests?
  4. hanna297

    hanna297 Guest

    Ask her to drink healthy nursing tea and lots of water. It helped me when I was coping with low breast milk supply.
  5. Staceyvg89

    Staceyvg89 New Member

    I struggled with my breast milk supply bad, my left breast seemed to produce more than my right; make sure she massages them to help the flow it should only take 3 or 4 days but it nearly took me a week to get a good flow; good luck
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