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  1. dra1408

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    Ok, so I have a few questions. My main issue right now is the size of the nipple on the bottles. My girls are 10 weeks old now and last week they really seemed to be getting frustrated with their bottles. They were taking longer and longer to finish them, sometimes not finishing them and even crying during feeding. I assumed that it was because the flow wasn't fast enough anymore, so I moved to the variable flow for infants 0+ months and it seems too fast. The next nipple up is a level 2, but it says for 3+ months, so I'm not sure it I should try them. A can finish a 5oz bottle in 5-10 mins while it takes O 10-20, where it was taking 20-40 mins each before. They don't really have trouble handling the bottle, and they seemed happier with the faster flow, but they finish it so fast that I'm afraid they are getting belly aches and they are spitting up more. I am using tommee tippee bottles, which are fairly new to the U.S.,so I don't know if any of you have any experience with these. I would appreciate any advice on what to do, even any other bottles that might have nipple flows they could handle.

    My next question is about sleeping. Both of my girls sleep in their bouncy chairs and they refuse to sleep in their cribs. I don't have a problem with this but I know that it may be a challenge to transition them later. I was wondering if any of you have dealt with this problem. When did you start transitioning and how hard was it.

    My final question is about toys. At what ages did you start using exersaucers, bumbo chairs, walkers, jumpers, etc. Both girls have good head control and fairly strong back muscles. Just wondering if there was any reason NOT to let them sit in bumbo chairs or their exersaucer this early.

    Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance for any input :)!
  2. megkc03

    megkc03 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Bottles: I used Gerber bottles(I think they are $2.99 for three bottles...), and just bought the Dr. Brown nipples. I think at that young age, we always used the slowest nipple. Maybe try another brand of bottles? I'm thinking most nipples are different. Oh-and I never really paid attention to the age "requirements" on the nipple size. It doesn't hurt to try it!

    Sleeping: I wouldn't worry right now about where they are sleeping-they are sleeping! In the beginning, the boys slept in the pnp's. Then we moved them to the cribs I believe. Well, one night dh kept them in their carseats(we slept in shifts), and swore they slept longer, so he kept them there. So for four months they slept in their carseats... And at four months I told myself, they needed to sleep elsewhere-their crib! So one night-we put them in their crib-and there was no turning back! It was not an issue at all. They were fine! They tend to amaze us!

    Toys: We didn't start using the exersaucers/jumpers until about 5/6 months. Quite possibly four months-but that was very limited time. We never did bumbos. I'm thinking they may not be strong enough to sit up in them at this age. No need to rush-they'll be doing it in the blink of an eye! I promise!
  3. brieh

    brieh Well-Known Member

    Bottles: we also used the Dr. Brown nipples. I basically went with the age on the package for guidance. At the age your girls are we were at a level 1. My girls are 8 months and still on level 2. I remember when I went from a 1 to a 2 there was quite a bit of adjustment and I actually went back to a 1 o a bit. Lots of burps and gulping. They were messy and you could tell they couldn't handle the speed.

    Sleeping: we had one that would not settle in the crib so slept a lot of nights in the bouncy. I think you'll find that quite common on here. She also had a bit of reflux so I honestly believe it was uncomfortable for her to be flat. By around 4 months she was fully in the crib. It took some nights where we started in the crib and ended up in the bouncy while she adjusted. I wouldn't worry too much about it:)

    Toys: my one daughter was super strong and we had her in the excersaucer at 4 months with a blanket scrunched behind to help fill up the space. She mostly just touched the toys around her, didn't move much. Jumpers and things we did 5 or 6 months. Bumbos, they hated them, so we just did me and them on the floor with lot and lots of pillows. They do need to have good muscle and very short periods initially.
  4. smiley7

    smiley7 Well-Known Member

    We started with dr. brown's premie nipples and then graduated to level ones quite quickly. I don't recall exactly when we went to level twos but for sure before the 3 month mark. Our kiddies were taking too long at the bottle and once we tried level twos, they sputtered a bit for the first day or two but adjusted quickly. Just try the next level, if you see that they can't handle it then go back.

    DS slept in his swing for 4 months. His reflux was too much and to be honest by then he had a habit of being rocked, his water music being on etc :laughing: We decided one day to just put him in the pnp b/c it can be rocked a bit and that is where he is now. He has no problems with it. He still needs a little rocking to fall asleep though!

  5. lisagayle

    lisagayle Well-Known Member

    So first off I have to say that this is basically the EXACT post I was coming to write. Too funny!

    We also use the Tommee Tippee bottles and switched to the variable flow nipples because DS was getting frustrated and getting tired of sucking. DD does wonderfully on them but DS has trouble with them. So I was going to ask if the variable flow was faster or slower than the stage 2. Does anybody have any idea?

    Ours sleep in swings right now. One sleeps in a cradle me type swing and the other sleeps in a travel swing. DH asked the same question about whether or not it will be hard to get them out of them later, but I told him I don't care. They are sleeping right now and that's what we need.

    I'm not sure on the toy issue. Right now the only toys we have for ours are play mats. We either lay them on their tummies to "play" or put them in boppy's under the toys. They don't do much but look around right now, but they seem to enjoy it.
  6. RJ2006

    RJ2006 Well-Known Member

    Bottles - I agree, just just the next level for a day or two to see how they handle. No harm in trying. Ours always had a few funny days inbtwn changing nipples. Our DD with reflux stayed on the level ones for quite some time while her sis went up to the level 2. I'm thinking now that she's ready for level 3 for the same reasons you've listed, just looks like she is getting frustrated.

    Sleeping - Our slept in crib from day one. They did sleep in bouncers for naps though until about 4 months, then we transitioned to cribs for naps too. They were also not going to bed prior to 10pm in their cribs until wk 11 or so. It was a hard transition to get them from their bouncers to crib any earlier than 10 pm. It took a few weeks of lots of soothing to get them to go down. But, once they are there, it was pure heaven. I would work on getting them in their cribs for bed times at least by this stage. There will always be some resistance at first, but push through and at most, you are looking at a week or two of lots of soothing and a bit of crying, but its worth it in the end. I say to bite the bullet now before they get too interactive, then they will fight sleep just to be with you. Better now than at 6/7 months.

    Toys: We started the saucer at about 4 months. They hate the bumbo and we keep trying it every few days or so to see if things hasn't yet. Exercise mat from week 4 or so. Bouncer chairs from the get go. Jumper: about 19 wks or so. We use blankets to fill the empty space in the toy seats. Just give it a go if you think they might be ready, every baby is different. You'll be able to tell if they can't handle it. If not, they just try again the following would be suprised how quickly they can develop in these early months!
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