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Discussion in 'Childhood and Beyond (4+)' started by newmomma, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. newmomma

    newmomma Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know of a high back booster that has latch attachments? I know the Clek does but that is way out of my price range. Are there any others in the ~$100 range?

  2. sharongl

    sharongl Well-Known Member

    Since boosters use the regular seatbelt, I would think none would have latch. You are supposed to use one or the other, not both.
  3. Tracy623

    Tracy623 Well-Known Member

    I just same something on TV discussing why you should not use LATCH and seat-belt boosters together. It has to do with the locking mechanism of the seat belt and how it works with movement. It was really interesting.....never thought of it. It may have been on the Today Show last week.

    We have Britax 5 point harness boosters for my 5 1/2 year old twins. They use a LATCH and do not convert to seat belt. However, they hold up to 85 lbs. My kids both just hit 40lbs so we are going to switch to seat-belt boosters this summer. Only downside of the Britax boosters are that they take up a lot of room. We cannot fit a third passenger in the third row of our van with the boosters.


  4. Mellizos

    Mellizos Well-Known Member

    We used the Radian 65, which is a 5 point harness up to 65 lbs. However, the instructions clearly says that you canNOT use LATCH past 45 lbs. The seat must be secured with the seat belt after the child reaches that weight. I think it has something to do with the limits of the LATCH system. You may want to check the weight limits for LATCH on your Britax. You may need to switch the installation until you move to boosters.
  5. jamey

    jamey Well-Known Member

    Wow! I didn't know that. I'm not sure how I missed it. My girls are 40 & 50 lbs, and we use the Graco Nautilus. So, when you convert it from the 5 point harness, to the regular high back booster - you don't use the latch anymore?
  6. FirstTimeMom814

    FirstTimeMom814 Well-Known Member

    There are a few boosters that have the latch, not for restraining the child, but to keep the seat in place while the child is not in it. You would still use your seat belt.

    The Sunshine Kids Monterey has the latch feature and retails for about 140, but I'm sure you could find coupons/deals somewhere.
  7. TwinxesMom

    TwinxesMom Well-Known Member

    Read your vehicle manuel. Most latch systems have weight limits
  8. Callen

    Callen Well-Known Member

    Sunshine Kids Monteray does :)
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