best bottles/nipples for preemie twins

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by healer27, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. healer27

    healer27 Well-Known Member

    Hi ladies, I had my twin girls last week one is coming home tonight and one tomorrow. Kind of unexpected they've been using in the hospital the similac bottles with red yellow nipples? Does anyone know hwat is comprible to these kinds of nipples some have said gerber and medala.. Please help.. Also I'm supplementing with breastmilk and have been using the medela type bottle which I think you can just buy nipple and ring for.. HELP..
  2. danabd

    danabd Well-Known Member

    We came home with the similar red ones that attach to the ready to feed to but then ran out of new nipples-and we realized they weren't bpa free as well.a we went and got the medela for the first days home and they worked great. It seemed at about 2 weeks later we went to dr browns little 4 oz bottles because one of mine had gas/swallowing air issues. But the medela were perfect right when we got home. My advice-don't go crazy buying bottles until you find the right ones! Just buy 2-4! I bought way too many each time before we. Ended With the dr brown wide necks! Good luck. The next few months are going to be hard but you'll get through it! At ten mo this now, I cant even remember those rough days at the beginning! Good luck!
  3. smiley7

    smiley7 Well-Known Member

    We started with the hospital bottles too. I don't think you can even buy them so we cherished them for several weeks and then went to the dr. browns and never looked back. We started with the premie nipple and quickly graduated to level 1 and now at four and half months are level 2.

    We tried other nipples and bottles but my kids like Dr browns.

    GL and remember that although these first few weeks are tough YOU CAN DO IT and it will get easier!
  4. lisagayle

    lisagayle Well-Known Member

    We also brought home a huge bag of the hospital nursers. First of all they weren't taking more than an oz and a half at a time anyways and second of all they were used to those.

    They came home at 36 weeks and now are 39 weeks and we have been using the Tommee Tippee bottles from BRU. They seem to provide just the right amount of flow for the babies to handle and they never had a problem taking to the new nipple.
  5. cat mommy

    cat mommy Well-Known Member

    We like Avent. I wish we had skipped the 4 ounce bottles and just bought 9 ounce ones, cause they outgrew the 4 ounce ones pretty quickly. The larger bottles come with #2 nipples, but you can buy #1 nipples for them--we found the #0 too slow for them.

    FYI: You can buy the individually packaged Similac at supermarkets. You can use the cheapo Gerber nipples on them or you can buy disposable nipples from We keep those around for emergency power outages.
  6. piccologirl

    piccologirl Well-Known Member

    that's exactly what we did. hospital bottles and nipples and then we transitioned to evenflo glass bottles (first 4 oz and then 8 oz) and dr brown nipples.
  7. brieh

    brieh Well-Known Member

    We used the small NICU bottles at first with gerber nipples. Then I used the Dr. Brown preemie nipples with glass evenflo bottles ( I loved those 4 oz glass bottles) The glass warms so nicely! Anyways, when we had some feeding issues with our one daughter the therapist at the hospital reccommended the Gerber. She said the flow was slower than some, so that is what we use for her still with a playtex ventair and then the other daughter uses the Dr. Browns with the playtex ventair. ( the actual nipples that come with the ventair are shorter and even the slow flow was fast, so I just used the nipples we had already.) I sooooo desperately tried to get them to take the platex drop in nursers, I figured it would be convenient but they choked on them so I finally gave up and stuck to what we were already using. Like PP said, don't invest a lot until you find one you like.

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