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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Angelmommy, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Angelmommy

    Angelmommy Well-Known Member

    KK Ladies post some pics!! Here is my pic from today, i will be 18 weeks tomorrow. I keep thinking am i big enough? I expect to be bigger. When did you guys get an acutal "big" tummy? Also i havnt yet felt a defining kick from the twinkies, hope it comes soon, i cant wait!! When did u guys get actual kicks that u reconized? POst some pics!!!!
  2. Angelmommy

    Angelmommy Well-Known Member

    KK Ladies post some pics!! Here is my pic from today, i will be 18 weeks tomorrow. I keep thinking am i big enough? I expect to be bigger. When did you guys get an acutal "big" tummy? Also i havnt yet felt a defining kick from the twinkies, hope it comes soon, i cant wait!! When did u guys get actual kicks that u reconized? POst some pics!!!!
  3. Raneysmama

    Raneysmama Well-Known Member

    I think you look great!

    Okay, here's mine from today. I've never taken a preggo picture of myself (usually DH does it). Anyway, here's 15 wks. 3 days. This is after two "full-term size" pregnancies. I feel pretty big already. I think my fundal height is somewhere around 19 to 20 wks. I probably looked about like this at about 26 weeks with DD!

    As far as kicks, I've felt some tiny "pops" here and there, but usually only a few times a day at this point. I'm sure you'll start feeling them more soon.
  4. Marbear

    Marbear Well-Known Member

    Don't worry guys...the big explosion for me came between weeks 18 and guys look just right for your weeks!
  5. kendraplus2

    kendraplus2 Well-Known Member

    Oh Lord, you don't even want to see what I look like now. I posted one a while back ... I'm just huge now!! And your tummy looks great!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Overachiever

    Overachiever Well-Known Member

    Aw, you gals look so cute. My DD calls me "Ginormous" - it fits. Can you believe that I have not take a single belly pic of myself yet? I only have one from DD, too. I'm going to wait until the last minute. Maybe I will tomorrow and post it if I remember.
  7. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member

    You guys look great for the weeks that you are!! I think my explosion
    came around 20 weeks! NOW I am HUGE!!! I have people ask me ALL the time if I am due any minute!!!
  8. twoplustwo

    twoplustwo Well-Known Member

    Here is something to aspire to...Me at 36 weeks!
  9. Jude Rose

    Jude Rose Active Member

    I want to see everyone! Please show again even if you just did. I wish so much we had a belly pic sticky, cuz having a twin pregnancy is so different from the 'regular' kind. And everyone carries differently too. Like when the twins are on top of each other and the moms stick out so far. (Wow. Major respect here) Mine are side by side vertex right now and not taking up too much space.

    That said, I have been showing my belly on another forum, so here's what we have so far:

    11 weeks
    21 weeks
    24 weeks
    27 weeks
  10. stephsboys

    stephsboys Well-Known Member

    Here is Steph at 35 weeks..

    Steph 35 weeks

    Lindy, mom to Stephanie and Nana to
    Cameron and Corey
  11. stephsboys

    stephsboys Well-Known Member

  12. MNTwinSquared

    MNTwinSquared Well-Known Member

    I did a scrapbooking page with mine. Hope you can see them!

    Got Twins?
  13. 4jsinPA

    4jsinPA Well-Known Member TS Moderator

  14. Raneysmama

    Raneysmama Well-Known Member

    I agree that we should have a belly pic sticky. I know it's been mentioned before, but nothing has come of it. [​IMG]

    Thanks for sharing your pics ladies!!
  15. JuJu55

    JuJu55 Well-Known Member

    Everyone looks great! Love those bellies. I have probably posted this before but here is me at 38 weeks...38 Weeker
  16. Boni

    Boni Well-Known Member

    Wow you ladies look great with your bellies. I was asked yesterday when my baby is due and i had to explain that it is twins. I hav enot yet taken any photos and this has inspired me to do so. Will take one and post it tomorrow. And as for feeling them kick, I have felt them from about 13 weeks (not my first pregnancy) and now they are kicking amd moving more.
  17. Marbear

    Marbear Well-Known Member

    Ok, there are a couple of belly picks where I am wondering how you girls stood upright!

    I need to get a belly pic. I feel huge. Mine are transverse...don't know what difference that makes in how you carry, but I feel like I look full term at 27 weeks and last measurement was 10 weeks ahead.
  18. ReallyTiredMom

    ReallyTiredMom Well-Known Member

    Wow - these are great! Even my 3 year old is having a blast looking at tummies! He said "Look, Mom, big bellies like yours!" I haven't taken a pic yet - but I am one of those unlucky mom's who carry 'low and out'. It's funny I don't tip forward all the time! I am meauring 35-36 weeks - I'll try to get a picture posted here soon. I just need to figure out how to do that!

    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful bellies!
  19. momlissa

    momlissa Well-Known Member

  20. ~*CHELS*~

    ~*CHELS*~ Well-Known Member

  21. Whoa Mama

    Whoa Mama Well-Known Member

    Here is me at 37 weeks with my twins (left) and 36 weeks with my singleton (right). He was 8lb 5oz born at exactly 40 weeks and my twins were 6lb 1oz and 6lb 4oz born at 37w2d (induced). I gained 40# with Ethan and 38# with my twins (go figure!) I'm 5'10"

    Sometimes I miss the magic of the belly [​IMG]
  22. BaaRamEwe

    BaaRamEwe Well-Known Member

    Here is mine at 38 weeks, the day I delivered.
  23. Mrs.Bears

    Mrs.Bears Active Member

    You guys look great!!!
  24. a1cbrandy

    a1cbrandy Well-Known Member

    Here is me 3 yrs 38 weeks and 5 days. 2 days before I delivered. [​IMG]


    you can also see them all at
  25. KellieandNolan

    KellieandNolan Well-Known Member

  26. Merijo

    Merijo Well-Known Member

    Ok ladies I'm just 20 weeks now and really starting to feel giant. All I can say about the 30 plus week pictures is GULP!!! You guys are tough tough tough and strong strong strong!

    I have a horrible question... I do not have any idea what to expect.... how did you get your tummies back into somewhat normal shape after being so gol darn stretched out? I have informed hubby that I may need a tummy tuck (haha)! I have a few stretch marks from my first born (he was only a 31 weeker) but how did you deal with your poor skin being so stretched?

    Trying to get prepared.
  27. a1cbrandy

    a1cbrandy Well-Known Member

    I did not get my stomach back. But some of the women who have posted and looking at pictures seem to have. I do need a tummy tuck..and will get one in a couple of years when I know for sure I am done having babies. [​IMG]

    No matter what..for me it is worth it..even the twin skin that sometimes seems to hang down to my knees...LOL (just joking)

  28. KellieandNolan

    KellieandNolan Well-Known Member

    Merijo--My stomach isn't totally back yet, but if it stayed this way I wouldn't be too upset. I did not get twin skin thank God. I heard all about that from many ladies and I know it's pretty common. My neighbor told me that they did a poll once and it seemed the ones who had c-sections more of them had twin skin? [​IMG] Anyway...I just need to tone up a bit more and I think it will be more back to normal. I lucked out and really got maybe two stretch marks on my belly that I really can't even see anymore. My hiney on the other hand is another story! IT was bad, but they have faded a LOT. Try not to worry though! You'll get through it and it will be all worth it in the end! I think I'll be saving up to get my boobs a lift though!! HAHA!
  29. Merijo

    Merijo Well-Known Member

    I have not had a tight pretty tummy since I was in my early or mid-20's. So that's not what I'm expecting (I'm 36 now). Yes, I am a bit worried about having the skin stretched down to my knees. But, like you all said, you deal with it and your love your babies. It's totally worth it!!

    The agony is, my husbands entire family mom, sister, even the SIL all have beautiful bodies after having given birth 2 to 4 times. Not a stretch mark to be seen and these ladies wear bikinis to the beach! Argh! I told MIL that I ahd a few stretch marks from Will (first baby) and she was a little shocked. This is MY hang up - I married and wonderful man from Europe and always feel like the fat American.

    Maybe breastfeeding will at least take the weight off the rest of my body and then the tummy I'll just roll up and tuck in?!?!

  30. ENOB

    ENOB Member

    Wow, looking at some of these pics makes me wonder how I'm going ot walk toward the end of my pregnancy. However everyone looks great and it amkes me excitede and nervous at the same time to get to the 30+ week mark.
  31. HelenClyde

    HelenClyde Well-Known Member

    Thanks for such a great idea! I remember searching the internet at the beginning of my pregnancy for twinbelly-pics, without plenty succes. And there you are, all you beautiful ladies. [​IMG]

    So, I´m trying to show my belly at about 32 weeks, though I´m not sure weather it´ll work, as I never posted an url here before:

    My boys at week 32
  32. HelenClyde

    HelenClyde Well-Known Member

  33. hilly

    hilly Well-Known Member

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