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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Buttercup1, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Buttercup1

    Buttercup1 Well-Known Member

    I have a feeling bedrest is in my future. I'm just curious why you went on bed rest, when and for how long. What level of bedrest did you have to endure? TIA!
  2. Kelli28

    Kelli28 Member

    I voluntarily went on bedrest at 34 weeks. Dr. wrote a note so I could quit work. I really just quit working and tried to limit my activities at home some. Then at my next appt. I was showing symptoms of pre-e so I was put on strict bedrest and will remain on bedrest until the babies are born on the 27th. I really thought I would need bedrest earlier, but I never had problems with my cervix or anything like that.
  3. ExpectingTwins 7-31-07

    ExpectingTwins 7-31-07 Well-Known Member

    I was put on modified bed rest at 14 weeks due to extremely bad round ligament pains. I am still on bed rest. If I think I am feeling ok and try to do something I pay for it later.
  4. traci_roo

    traci_roo Well-Known Member

    I honestly didn't expect bedrest because I thought I was taking it easy and stopped working around 14 weeks. I ended up going on bedrest at 22 1/2 weeks for signs of PTL and a cervix that had funneled to 1.3 cm. I was on hospital bedrest for a little over 5 weeks and have been at home on bedrest since Valentine's Day.
  5. Fay

    Fay Well-Known Member

    Why/when I went on bedrest? I was on bedrest from wks 6-8 because of complications with a quad pregnancy -- we could tell i was losing at least one. I was on bedrest from wks 14-21 for heavy bleeding. I went into PTL at 23 wks and was then on bedrest for the duration, until 34w6d. After an admission at 23 wks and an admission at 24 wks, I had one final admission to antepartum at late 25 wks, for PTL again, and spent the next 8 wks on hospital bedrest (56 days straight on the mag!). It was absolutely MISERABLE but worth every moment to be wheeled out of the hospital with babies in hand!
  6. Dianne

    Dianne Well-Known Member

    I was put on strict bedrest (horizontal all day and night except to use the bathroom) at 29 weeks because my cervix had shortened to under 2, I was 2cm dialated, 80% effaced, funneling with a bulging bag. My restrictions loosened a little as I progressed into week 35 and no further changes had been noticed. I delivered the day my water broke at 36 1/2 weeks.
  7. Babies4Susan

    Babies4Susan Well-Known Member

    I was put on bedrest at 16w4d due to a non-existant cervix length (0.2cm). Had an emergency cerclage the next day and spent the next 15 weeks on bedrest, 4+ of them hospitalized.

    It was pretty strict from the get go, and got even more strict when my cervix shortened again despite the cerclage. That's when I was hospitalized (24 weeks).
  8. Cassie05

    Cassie05 Well-Known Member

    I was put on modified the day we found out we were having twins at 10 weeks and strict started around 22-24 weeks, hospital bedrest from 29 weeks and delivery at 32+3
  9. Alli Baby

    Alli Baby Well-Known Member

    I am currently on bedrest due to PTL issues. I have spent several nights in the hospital but now am at home. This started for me at 24 weeks and will go through the rest of the pregnancy. So far, my cervix is closed but we got a scare when it went from 3.7mm to 2.7mm in a week. It seems to have leveled out--although I haven't had it measured in a week. Lots and lots of contractions, too (and still dealing with this).

    My dr. gave me a list of housework, no cooking, only able to leave the house to go to dr's appointments, etc. However, I am able to carefully do what I need to do within my house. Good luck to you [​IMG]
  10. ldsangel19

    ldsangel19 Well-Known Member

    My cervix was getting progressivly shorter. Quit working and went on modified bedrest at 17 weeks, stepped up to strict at 18, and I did 5 days in the hospital when my cerlage was placed at 19 weeks.
  11. Evanly

    Evanly Well-Known Member

    I was on strict bedrest for a week at 6weeks due to bleeding - then after we found out it was twins and I was still bleeding intermitantly, I was on different levels of moderated until 24 weeks - when I started PTL - and then on strict - w/bathroom privaleges, and the ability to move from couch to bed, fix a snack...until 28weeks - then horizonal w/shower every three days then hospital at 29 (which only lasted 3 days) [​IMG]
  12. 4boysandme

    4boysandme Well-Known Member

    I was put on bed rest at 27 (or so) weeks because of signs of preeclampsia and hospital bedrest at 29 weeks because of PTL. (I was dialated to 3 cm and was 80-90% effaced.) I was on hospital bed rest until I delivered the boys at 32 weeks exactly.

    All I can say about bedrest is to definitely follow your doctor's orders, even if you think that you are feeling better and you can do some things. They know what they are talking about! [​IMG]
  13. akameme

    akameme Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I was put on modified bedrest at 25 weeks due to High Blood Pressure and Jake being IUGR. I delivered at 36 weeks.

    Since i didn't have PTL - my bedrest was pretty mellow - i just stayed home and spent most of the day laying on my left side.

  14. twomore

    twomore Well-Known Member

    I was put on bedrest at 20 weeks for a funneling and shortening cervix. My cervix was 0.5 cm. at 23 weeks a cerclage was put in and I was on strict bedrest in the hospital for 10 days, then at home till 33 weeks, that's when my water broke, and my precious babies were born.
  15. Tina Ross

    Tina Ross Well-Known Member

    i was put on bedrest at 29weeks due to severe pains I was having..So all I do is sit on the couch and nap all day!
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