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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Nora33, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Nora33

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    Hello, i am 27 weeks with didi twins, my back pain is my friend now, i am full time student, after long time sitting in the class my lower back and legs hurts a lot, next day sometimes even can't stand up from the bed. I asked my doctor to write me reccomendation letter of maternity leave because of my back pain, she refused because she said my every data shows normal, no need to reccomend me a rest, but my body so heavy so much pressure in my lover back, i already have 3 bulged discs from my first pregnancy, now i can't sit or stand over 1 hour, just crying. Doctkr told me i have no document that i have pain.... i really no word to say, my school's student advisor calling me to bring doctor's reccomendation letter otherwise my student status going to be cancelled( i already missed many classes, because of the back pain can't go anywhere) ... feel like i am penalty of being pregnant ,:((((
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    Get a new doctor. You need to take it easy. Being pregnant with twins is different than being pregnant with one. You need to listen to your body and rest when its telling you to.
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