Baby jogger City mini double or Bumbleride Indie Twin

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by MamanMag, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. MamanMag

    MamanMag Well-Known Member


    My little girls are 7 weeks now and I still don't have a double stroller... I'm thinking about buying a double snap n go for the first few months as it will be easier to just use their car seats. But for a little later I'm debating...

    I've read great things about the city mini and the indie twin but I just can't decide...

    I need something fairly easy to use, easy to steer, easy to travel with and comfortable for my little ones.

    Which of the two would you choose? and why?

  2. twinnerbee

    twinnerbee Well-Known Member

    I used the double snap n go most of the time until they were too big and then used the baby jogger. I have the full size and it fits everywhere - through standard doors with ease. The mini would probably be even easier to maneuver. I love that it folds up in one quick motion - no weird buttons or levers - and it honestly opens so easily that one of my friend thought it popped up automatically because as I pulled it from my trunk it just opened, lol. I love the baby jogger - it's been my only stroller for the twins and I've used it at malls, doctor's offices, parks, grassy hiking trails, and even on the beach. It has a full 360 swivel feature with the wheels so turning is really easy. It is a little bulky in the car, though - took up half of the trunk of my Jetta and now that I have a minivan (three car seats!) it takes up a good portion of the small space behind the third row seating. I have no experience with the other brand so hopefully someone else can tell you about that!
  3. MamanMag

    MamanMag Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience with baby jogger! It really seems to be a great stroller and the price is fairly reasonable for a double!
  4. amymc72

    amymc72 Well-Known Member

    I, too, drive a full-size Baby Jogger - I have the Baby Jogger City Elite and LOVE it! I dithered forever about which stroller to get after the double Snap n' Go became too hard to push (when the babies were getting heavier - around 8 months was when we made the switch). The City Mini and Indie Twin were both strollers that I seriously considered ... here's why I eliminated them and why I'm happy with my choice:

    Reasons I eliminated the Indie Twin:
    -More complicated fold - something I'm sure you'd get used to, but I have two other small children to keep an eye on and I thought the simpler the fold, the better.
    -I also seem to recall that it maybe didn't fold up as compactly - or didn't stand up when folded? Can't remember which. And don't think that the BJCE folds up super compact - it is a BIG stroller.
    -I believe the weight capacity is less than the Baby Joggers
    -Sunshade was smaller

    Reasons I eliminated the City Mini:
    -I read a number of reviews/feedback that indicated that although the weight capacity was high, that once kids were taller, that it got to be a tight fit in the height department. My BFF has the same kid configuration as I do (single girl, single boy, ID boys) and has successfully kept her twins in their stroller for a long time (they are four) - she thinks, in part, to having a stroller that is big enough and easy to maneuver as they get bigger and heavier. I would like to keep mine strapped in as long as possible, too, and thought I'd have a better chance with the City Elite.

    Reasons I LOVE the City Elite:
    -It steers soooooo nicely! With one hand as I hold the and of or carry one of my older two kiddos.
    -The fold is super easy - one step and it's folded
    -Sunshades are giant and fabulous
    -My kindergartener can easily ride in it, and she is above average in the height/weight department

    I ended up getting a great deal on mine - I think I paid $429 plus got cash cash back from, which made it essentially the same price as a City Mini.

    One last thing - we went to Disney over Thanksgiving and I saw a ton of City Minis - I know they are very popular and people love them. One thing that would bug me that I didn't think about when I did my test drives before I purchased - the City Mini's nylon (I think) seat cover extends down over the footwell - so if you have any color other than black, whatever puddle (or gum) your kid just stepped in is going to be stuck on your pretty stroller (the Stone color looked especially bad). I'm sure it probably washes just fine, but I like the fact that the City Elite has a plastic or metal (can't remember and my husband has my car with the stroller in the back so I can't look) footwell that can be wiped clean.

    I do love the colors of the Indie Twin, though - so pretty!
  5. amymc72

    amymc72 Well-Known Member

    One more thing - I just saw that you have a two-year-old as well - my three-year-old rides on the front of the BJCE a lot - perched on the footrest. Helps us get from point A to point B much more quickly!
  6. MamanMag

    MamanMag Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for your thorough reply!! Indeed the BJCE looks great! I will look into it definitely! I'm also looking at the Valco Tri mode EX double... As you can add a toddler seat in the front which would be great for my almost 3-year-old :)

    But right now I just bought a double snap n go which should last a few months and will allow me to look for the "perfect" stroller for us...

    Thanks again!
  7. E's 3

    E's 3 Well-Known Member

    I also have the full-size BJCE and I LOVE it. I had the single version for my oldest and when I found out I was having twins I got the double. I had the Snap and Go for the first few months and I hated it...I started using the Baby Jogger as soon as they were big enough (around 4 months). I have never had an issue with it fitting through doors, checkouts at the grocery store, etc. I also use it all year round...because the front wheels have the option of swiveling or locking you can use it in the snow which is important since I live in Ottawa, Ontario. My 3 year old also sits on the foot rest when he wants to ride. GL finding the right stroller for you!
  8. MarchI

    MarchI Well-Known Member

    I love the bumbleride indie twin but i would not use it for 3. If you need a seat for your older child, go with the valco trimode.

    The bumbleride folds just fine, is lightweight (for a double) and fits through every doorway I have ever encountered.

    I don't think any of the strollers listed would be easy to travel (by air) with. I would get a side by side umbrella stroller for those situations.
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