Baby Jogger City Micro vs. Combi Twin Sport

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by [email protected], May 20, 2010.


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    I was nearly sold on buying the closeout Combi twin sport on Albee Baby when I noticed that the Baby Jogger Micro is also on major sale there for $200. Can anyone give me guidance on the major differences? It looks like the Micro might turn a little better because the front wheels are closer. Of course, we would have to accessorize the Micro with cup holders, so it would be a bit more expensive. This just seems like such a major purchase, and I want to do it right! Any feedback would be much appreciated!

  2. k2daho

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    We don't have either stroller as we ended up with the BJ City Elite double and then the Maclaren Twin Techno as a lightweight stroller, but we have looked at both the Micro and the Twin Sport. We actually ordered the Twin Sport and ended up returning it for the Maclaren, and we have test drive all of the BJs...the Micro, the Mini, and the Elite. I would say between the two that you are looking at hands down go for the Micro. It is a solidly built stroller that will turn on a dime. The Combi (in my opinion) was poorly built with lots of plastic parts. In general it felt shakey and it moved a LOT when you push from side to side which I wasn't happy with. Again just my opinion, but it looked and rode like a cheap stroller whereas the Micro is a NICE stroller. If you were willing to go one step up even you'd love the Mini even more as it has the full extendable canopies and a deep recline. The Micro does not recline very far and as I recall only has the short canopy.
  3. nmnguyen7

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    I completely agree with pp. There isn't much of a competition there; Micro wins hands down. The Combi is hard to push with one hand and it's cheaply made. I would jump on the Micro! Great deal!
  4. jules79

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    I have a Combi and I actually love it. I find it very easy to push (the twins weigh a total of 37lbs and I am 7 months pregnant!) and it is great for long walks and jogging. It reclines all of the way back which is nice too. It has held up really well so far.
  5. Danibell

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    I actually love my combi as well, and didn't find it any cheaper built than any other "umbrella" type stroller we test drove at babiesrus. :) It's not made for off roading, I bought a simply jogger for getting to/from my older kids baseball and soccer games, but for around stores, in dr's office...etc, I love my combi.

    My only concern with the micro is the size of it from side to side, I don't have one so I have no clue, but if it's too much wider than the combi, it's not going to fit easily through a single doorway. I found out the hard way the other day that my baby trend jogger will NOT fit through a mcdonald's single doorway, but my combi will. Grrrrrr. Just when i was ready to get rid of the combi and keep the jogger for all purpose's just an inch or two wider than the combi and that's just enough!
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