Baby acne or rash, gassy or colic, congestion, etc

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by mytwins2, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. mytwins2

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    Morgan developed a rash on her face about 3 weeks ago and the pedi said it was baby acne, don't do anything, it'll resolve itself in weeks or months. But since then, it's gotten worse. Her face is covered with this rash/acne and it's now spread to her neck, arms and legs. It looks like heat rash especially since people don't get acne all over their bodies - or do they? Her skin feels very rough, dry and scaly. This is very new to me because my 7yro never had this. I used the cream Aquaphor that we got from the hospital but it doesn't seem to be working. Her skin is very dry now and I'm not comfortable putting scented lotion on her face. Anyone have any ideas on what cream to use on her face and body? Now I bathe her but I don't use anything because i don't know what to use. We see the pedi in 2 weeks.

    She also seems to have a lot of difficulty with gas - she cries before she eats, while she's eating and after she's eaten. She doesn't spit up at all, she just seems to be suffering from a lot of gassy discomfort. We are using Mylicon, Little Tummies gas drops and Gripe water - all to no avail. My poor baby wants to eat all the time but she seems to have so much gas it makes her not want to eat and it makes getting to nap/sleep difficult. Not sure why this is happening with breast milk. Could it be the way she nurses/drinks from the bottle? My DH feeds them EBM in Dr. Brown bottles. My sister thinks it's colic because of the constant crying. She's growing well but it's the crying that's getting to me. Thoughts?

    Her brother Hunter is eating well except he drinks/nurses so fast that he almost chokes so we always have to stop after a few minutes to slow him down and to help him burp. He spits up quite a bit. We thought it was reflux but he never seems to haver any pain - only if he's unable to burp after a feed.

    And they both have this horrible congestion. We have a humidifier that doesn't help much - Hunter in particular gets so congested at night he can't swallow and breathing becomes very labored so we use saline drops to clear his nostril/airway. We do the same for her throughout the day because this seems to be when her congestion is bad.

    Just feels like if it's not one thing, it's another!! Appreciate any feedback.
  2. ladybutterflyrose

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    I hope it gets better for everyone soon :hug99: .
  3. sjohnson813

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    How long have they been congested? My little guys have been congested for almost a week. Clay started crying while eating and he had an ear infection (just a thought). He never had a fever, the daycare just noticed that he cried while eating and said that was a sign of an ear infection. I took hime to the Dr and he is now on antibiotics. A few things I have done for the congestion are: saline drops, nasal aspirator, baby rub (vick's for babies), humidifier, elevating one end of the crib, and plug in vicks for babies.

    Also, do you put the gas drops in the bottle? We use Dr. Brown's bottles and put 3 drops of mylecon (not even a full dose) in every bottle. It has helped a ton.

    Sorry, no help for the rash.

    I hope they feel better soon!!!
  4. Dianna

    Dianna Well-Known Member

    :hug99: :hug99: :hug99: :hug99:

  5. mytwins2

    mytwins2 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the support ladies.

    stephanie, they've been congested for about 4 weeks. Pedi said "this is normal" and said to use saline drops and nasal aspirator - which they both hate understandably. we keep them both elevated when they sleep and use a humidifier with the vicks vapo steam drops. haven't tried baby rub yet - will try that today. and yes, after reading one of the posts here today about a baby with gas problems and the mom put the gas drops in the milk, i tried that with Morgan. Didn't really notice any difference but will keep trying this method. thanks a lot for the suggestions.
  6. pamallhoney

    pamallhoney Well-Known Member

    All my kids but one experienced acne at about 6 weeks and it cleared anywhere from 8 weeks to 10 weeks old. I was told it was from my hormones leaving their bodies. My boys suffered the most with acne. DD1 and DD2 had acne bad enough to cause small scarring that I can still see on their faces today. So when I heard that I was having twin boys, I was desperate to find something that would help clear the acne without scarring. I was on another forum and someone had used cod liver oil for their infants eczema and acne. She just rubbed enough on the soles of their feet and then put socks on them. So I tried this with the twins. Although both did get acne, one had it worse than the other. I put the cod liver oil on their feet twice a day. (Broke open a capsule, and boy were their feet stinky). They never did have acne as bad as my other two sons. And it cleared in less than 3 weeks time. I also washed their face just in water, didn't add any lotion until the actual acne cleared and dry skin was left. I used Ceptaphil. Oh I also sprayed on some Sovereign Silver (natural antibiotic).

    For colic we have always gone to the Chiropractor and used gripe water and Ovol drops.

    I hope this helps. PM me if you have any questions.
  7. foppa2102

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    i'm sorry to hear about all of your babies' woes. mine have quite a bit themselves. we just changed formulas yesterday to try and see if anything changes. i do have one idea though, one of my girl's face is really dry too and i found this stuff at BRU called 'triple cream' for severe dry skin/eczema care, and it takes just a TINY little bit and it goes a long way, rub it on the dry areas daily and you'll notice an improvement quickly. it's kind of greasy at first, but you'll quickly learn how much to apply to reach a happy medium. good luck!
  8. Leighann

    Leighann Well-Known Member

    :hug99: The baby acne will clear up on its own. As for the gas, we used mylicon drops and stopped several times during feeds to burp. That helped a bit. And for the congestion, prop their mattresses so they sleep slightly elevated, keep the humidifier going or bring them into a steamy shower with you, then suck the boogers out with the nasal bulb. My girls weren't fans on the nasal bulb, but they always look appreciative after the scream-fest because they could breathe again. GL.
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