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Discussion in 'General' started by pearlly, Aug 18, 2020.

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    Hey, we have a grocery store. It has been three years since we opened it. My hubby was unemployed back then, and after the birth of our first baby, we started it.
    By God's grace past year my husband got a job. Later he wasn't getting much time to properly take care of our store though he never wants to close it. I'm the one who is responsible for our shop for the past 12 months. We have a few staff for the front office tasks, I was managing the vendors, documentation, and other back-office works.
    I'm 8 months pregnant now, it is difficult for me to sit for hours to do everything. My hubby too doesn't want me to take this much stress alone as he isn't with me now (He went to Canada as part of his job). To take care of me and our store he is up to purchase a budget VMS with basic features.
    The thing is my husband will take care of all the formalities for buying a vendor management system, but he wants me to select a software!
    I'm not at all a software person, so it is hard for me to find an efficient one within this short span.
    Dear moms, can anyone help me with this?
    My friend at baby yoga class has discussed this with her husband and he suggested dock 365 vendor management services which include an effective document organization set up too. If I don't get any other recommendations, I will have to go with the mentioned one, as this isn't my interesting area to spend time on!
    In anticipation of a reply.
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    thanks for this info

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