6w3d 112 and 7w3d 113 normal?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by TwinsinNovember, Mar 23, 2016.

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    On Monday we found out we are expecting twins! Lmp would be 7w3d. Twin a measured 6w3d hr 112 and Twin b 7w3d hr 113. I expected higher heart rates and feel worried about the week difference and hr. My ob called the following day and said i measured a week behind my dates and go back in 2 week to check heartbeats. She said hr were normal since its so early but im a worrier. Is it normal to have a 2wk followup us? Do these seem like normal heartbeats?

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    Congratulations on your twins! Things are much different today then when I had my twins. I don't remember having their heart rates measured at the first appointment but I do remember them estimating the twins at different weeks. I went for u/s monthly until the last month when I was getting one a couple of times a week due to the fact that baby A was not moving enough during the non stress tests.
    It's hard not to worry and I think your doctor is being on the safe side with an u/s in two weeks. Keep us posted and Welcome to TS!
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    Welcome to TS. I do agree with Nancy, I'm sure things are fine and the OB is just being on the safe side-I'm sure all is well. I don't remember what the heart rate was for mine this early but I do know that one measured a bit smaller than the other and here we are 8 years later.
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    Thank-you ladies! I'm always a worrier but feel a bit more positive Thank-you so much <3
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