5 to 6 kids need some suggestions on carseats..

Discussion in 'General' started by kim01, Sep 15, 2015.

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    ok guys i need some car seat help. So i seen a suv with 3 rows in it sunday. Hubby showed up with it last night said if i want it i can have it. so i have been driving it, and i like it pretty much. I need something bigger we do foster parenting. we have 4 kids of our own. and will take in 2 babies right now. 2 of our kiddos are in car seats/ and a booster. we currently have 1 baby so need car seats taht i can fit. we supply the car seats for our placements so buyign them isn't a big deal. i just need to know some seats that i can get more than 2 in a back seat.
    i would like convertiable seats but even an infant and a convertiable will work for this placement. any ideas??
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