5 cm dilated, how long can labor be held off for?

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by Amy A, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Amy A

    Amy A Well-Known Member

    I just found out my SIL is in the hospital and in labor. They stopped the labor, but she is 5 cm dilated. She has done great making it to 30 weeks now with twin to twin transfusion. She has already had 3 amnioreductions, and this is the second time stopping labor.

    At this point what is the game plan? How long can they hold off labor for? They won't send her home at 5cm will they?? Can she make it another week or two on hospital bedrest at 5 cm? Any personal experiences?? Thanks so much!!!
  2. hanknbeans

    hanknbeans Well-Known Member

    Yikes! Sorry to hear that Amy! I know that when I went in to be induced I was already a 4 and didn't even know it...so I would hope that they could sew her cervix or something. Best of luck and praying for her! What a tough pregnancy!
  3. 1girltwinboyz

    1girltwinboyz Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry this is happening for your SIL. At that much dialated I imagine she will delivery them very soon. But will be hospitalized until that happens most likely.

    30 week is really good for TTTS babies! They will prolly bei n NICU for a while though. She will need a lot of support during that time.

    HTH [​IMG]
  4. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    so I would hope that they could sew her cervix or something.

    It is my understanding that they will not do a cerclage after 24 weeks. As PP mentioned at 5 cm, I would think she would be delivering soon. I'm sure they will not send her home. She will probably be confined to the bed until delivery. Good luck to her!!
  5. marie3103

    marie3103 Well-Known Member

    I went into labor at 31 weeks @ 4cm and didn't deliver until 35.6 weeks and that was because my doctor broke my water when I got to 7cm(still wasn't in "labor"). I was on the a trebutaline (sp) pump until 34 weeks to keep my contractions stopped. I was on strict bedrest (bathroom and 1 10 min shower only per day) and it was in the hospital, but my boys did great. No NICU time and they came home with me. Good luck to her. She can do it!!!! ~Erin
  6. twinzmom2b

    twinzmom2b Well-Known Member

    As PP mentioned at 5 cm, I would think she would be delivering soon. I'm sure they will not send her home. She will probably be confined to the bed until delivery. Good luck to her!!

    That would be my guess too, but you never know. I'm sorry to hear she has been having such a tough time, but sounds like she's been doing great despite the TTTS and the amnioreductions. I wish her the best of luck.

    I delivered at 4 cm 100% effaced at 34 weeks. They were able to use terb and mag to keep the contractions away and took me off at 34 weeks...well, nothing worked after that and I deliverd at 34w1d.
  7. SandyT

    SandyT Well-Known Member

    With my first twin birth, I was 5cm dilated at 25 weeks. Was in the hospital on very strict bedrest until I delivered the girls (after mag and trebutalane) no longer worked. The girls were small, but only in the NICU for 3 weeks. And then did very well. I basically couldn't move for weeks while on bedrest. Bedpan, no showers. It was all worth it in the end!

  8. betseeee

    betseeee Well-Known Member

    Every case is unique, really. I hope your SIL can hang on a few more weeks! In my case, I was at 1-2cm on hospital bedrest, then at 3 when I got bloody show. I was on mag sulfate but later that morning they found me at 6cm and that was it - I had the babies at 29 weeks that day. It was a long road but they are fine now. Best wishes to your SIL!
  9. RNjaime

    RNjaime Well-Known Member

    As a L&D RN from a VERY high risk unit, maybe I can offer some insight. It depends on several things. What med is she on to stop the labor. Is her water broken?? How many babies has she had previously?? Is she still contracting, whether she's feeling it or not?
    If she's had babies before, her cervix would be more used to laboring and those moms tend to dilate quicker. Hopefully she's on mag sulfate for the contractions, but what about terb or indocin??? Indocin is used as the last straw, sometimes with mag at my hospital. You can only have a certain # of doses because it can affect the fetal heart. She could deliver, but 30 weeks is better than 24!! [​IMG] Maybe her babies are just telling her body it's time.
    Hang in there, we'll keep her in our prayers!
  10. RNjaime

    RNjaime Well-Known Member

    I'm reading more now!
    No cerclage on a cervix opened to 5 or 30 weeker!
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