20 Weeks - 1st Pregnancy with Mono Mono Twins

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Nella, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Hi All... Well I'm 20 weeks in my first pregnancy and we found out 13 w + 1 that we were pregnant with twins. At 17 w + 4 I got some spotting and went to the hospital (out of fear) and was diagnosed with placenta previa, and US tech found no membrane that when we found out we have mono mono twins. I am still just seeing my OBGYN was not reffered yet to a Peri or MFM. Have another US next week to find out what sex they are so looking foward to that day...
    I'm just a bit worried if I'm having a normal pregnancy based on being a twin pregnancy or if I should be doing research or just trying to figure everything out... It gets scary trying to do research since there is so much negative out there when it comes to MOMO twins...
    Just looking to see who else have had anything like what I'm going through, eventhough I know no pregnancy is a like... :)
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    I know someone who didn't discover she was having twins till the 32nd week- and they were mo/mo. She went on immediate bedrest and the babies came out fine at around 35 weeks I think. You might just have had an inexperienced tech-apparently the sacs are only a couple of cells(!) thick so it can be very hard to see. Lots of luck and a long healthy pregnancy!!! Keep us updated!!
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    There are many people on here who were thought to have momo twins but eventually a tiny membrane was discovered. Perinatologists have really good equipment to see the membrane- it may be worth a referral to see if a membrane can be found.
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    Hi and Welcome! I had a mono di pregnancy and they didn't find the membrane until about 20 weeks -up until then I scared myself silly reading about mono mono pregnancies - good idea not to google too much, you're on the right track there! If I found something worrying I always asked my specialist OB who was a wealth of knowledge...
  5. Tamaralynn

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    Congrats and welcome to TS. I agree with the others on the membrane, it is hard to see so if the tech is not experienced, he/she may have missed it.
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    Seconding what all the PPers have said, and just want to add that if you can, get to a peri just as soon as you can. The earlier in the pregnancy, the easier it will be to see the membrane. By 20 weeks it's getting thinner and more crowded in there. And whether or not there is a membrane is important! If there is one (which is very likely) you can sigh in relief and know that you'll have a pretty normal twin pregnancy. If your little ones are really mono-mono, you'll be able to be monitored more frequently and get good care.

    Hopefully some of the mono-mono moms can chime in here, they're going be a great resource for you!
  7. Nella

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    Thank you ladies for all your responses... I still have high hopes for the membrane when I go in next week for the US... I hope to hear from you all... This is all great info for me...

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