Blockchain technology

Discussion in 'General' started by Beyby, Dec 4, 2022.

  1. Beyby

    Beyby New Member

    I want to talk about the usage of blockchain technologies. How perfect and invulnerable are they?
  2. Gaserty

    Gaserty Member

    I don't think they're perfect enough to be 100% safe. It's a code and it can always be cracked.
  3. Kasyan

    Kasyan Member

    A vivid example of how imperfect the blockchain is is the Ethereum hack. There was a bug in his ecosystem that allowed hackers to steal millions.
  4. Lauma

    Lauma Member

    This is true. Any code contains errors, albeit small ones. In order to ensure the reliability of blockchain technologies, it is necessary to conduct a smart contract audit in a timely manner, namely at the development stage. It is this method that allows you to find inaccuracies. If they are corrected, this guarantees developers maximum security.
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